Identity Hangout: The future happening now

Wednesday 12 Feb 2020 | Resources | Videos |

Digital identity is the cornerstone of the complete digital experience that consumers now expect. Common tasks such as enrolling for a new service, logging into an existing service, making changes to an account, or performing a remote payment, all rely on consumers having a trusted digital identity and being able to prove who they are online.

Mobile operators have a crucial role to play in the digital identity ecosystem. Their unparalleled global footprint, materialized by large customer reach, is their best asset. On this solid foundation, they can grow their business both by enhancing their existing services and by providing value-added services to third parties.

The GSMA was in conversation with Ea Chaillioux, VP Ecosystem Engagement, Digital business Unit at IDEMIA, discussing what’s digital identity, the revenues for mobile network operators behind digital identity, how to protect customer personal data, and which trends could impact the evolvement of digital identities, such as big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Ea Chaillioux

VP Global Ecosystem Engagement, Digital Business Unit, IDEMIA

Ea Chaillioux, VP Global Ecosystem Engagement, Digital Business Unit at IDEMIA.

Ea is leading the Global Ecosystem Engagement activity in IDEMIA’s Digital Business Unit where she engages with global and local players such as technology alliances, regulators, humanitarian organizations with a focus on Digital inclusion and financial inclusion, with the aim to share our expertise and enable business opportunities with IDEMIA’s Financial Institutions and Mobile Operators customers.

Previously, Ea was leading the Digital Solutions Business Line for Mobiles Operators Business Unit at IDEMIA covering marketing, presales, product experts, sales and operational teams. 

Before that, from 2007 to 2012, Ea was an account manager and then Head of the customer team in charge of business development of a strategic mobile operator customer at Nokia Siemens Networks. 

Between 1998 and 2007, she held various positions in Sales at Siemens Networks.

Richard Cockle

Head of IoT, Identity and Big Data, GSMA

Richard heads an international team at the GSMA and is responsible for developing new innovative products and services beyond the core network in IoT, Identity and Big Data for the mobile ecosystem

As the key lead for GSMA engagements in the vertical industries, specifically; FinTech, Automotive, Aviation and Manufacturing, Richard has recently launched the GSMA Innovation Foundry, creating a collaborative platform for GSMA members and partners to work together on the major challenges facing the industry. 

In addition, Richard is responsible for the GSMA’s Strategy Group which regularly convenes to address strategic topics within the industry and supports the GSMA Board. 

This video was originally broadcast on 29.01.2020