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Community Objectives

  • Promote the integration of the Terrestrial Network (TN) and Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) technologies to help accelerate TN & NTN adoption and seamless interworking and handover.
  • Share experiences from pre-commercial trials and service launches.
  • Improve awareness of the key activities and key issues. Hence the group can invite also non GSMA-members, e.g., associations or industry fora to share their experience of TN & NTN integration for sharing success and failure stories.
  • Identify key areas of focus and inform relevant GSMA Working Groups or external stakeholders.

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Welcome to Non-Terrestrial Networks in 5G

GSMA Advance is offering a two-week, self-paced exploration course exploring non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) augmenting 5G coverage over land and sea through satellite infrastructure integration. Topics include NTN utilisation, challenges, and aligning deployment with application needs, covering air interface, service impacts, and operational aspects.

Please let us know if the course is of interest as we have a special discounted rate for our community.

NTN Award Solutions Course


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