Airservices Australia Charts Course for 60 Million Drone Flights by 2043

According to an analysis commissioned by Airservices Australia, the annual number of drone flights in Australian airspace is projected to undergo a substantial surge, escalating from 1.5 million in 2023 to 60.4 million by 2043. The report, titled “Sizing the Future Drone and Advanced Air Mobility Market in Australia,” emphasizes the need for preparation and strategic planning to harness the benefits of evolving drone technology. The exponential growth is anticipated to be primarily driven by heightened demand in the transport and logistics sector, accounting for 77% of the projected increase in drone traffic. The report also envisions Australian farmers conducting 500,000 drone flights annually for crop monitoring, 1.5 million drone food deliveries to households, and an increased utilization of drone technology by emergency services, including police, surf lifesavers, and specialized air ambulances for patient transportation. Notably, the analysis highlights the transformative impact and diverse applications of drones across various sectors in Australia.

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