Connected Skies: Shaping Business Models for the Evolving UAV Service Market

Tuesday 16 Jan 2024 | Drone Interest Group | Smart Mobility Resources |

In this insightful session, co-hosted by GSMA Smart Mobility Team and Amsterdam Drone Week, an expert panel featuring Han De Glint from KPN, Jan Pettersson from Telia, Kapil Mattil from Ericsson, and Barbara Pareglio from GSMA, delved into various business models.

Moderated by Munish Khurana, the discussion covered technological, regulatory, and infrastructural aspects crucial for Mobile Network Operators to thrive in the rapidly evolving UAV industry. The focus was on unravelling the complexities of integrating UAV services with existing mobile infrastructure and exploring innovative approaches for operators to capitalize on new value opportunities and make informed investments in this burgeoning field.

This webinar was based on the recently published whitepaper from the Drone Interest Group, to download your copy, click here.

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