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Mobile Identity across networks and borders

It’s easily overlooked, but there are lots of similarities between ID federation and mobile roaming

Resource: UK Research on Mobile Identity

Consumer and service provider behaviour is changing, creating a need for definitive Mobile Identity solutions

Mobile World Congress 2014... At this year’s Mobile World Congress,Personal Data and Mobile Identity willbe focus topics. Find...

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Mobile Identity Boot Camp, Sin... The Mobile Identity programme hosts itsfirst operator workshop on MobileIdentity in Singapore. Par...

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Mobile 360 Dubai... Identity will be present at this eventthat GSMA are co-hosting with GitecMobile 360 Dubai...

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M4D Summit... Identity will be attending the debut ofthis annual thought leadership event M4DSummit...

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Mobile Identity Blog

Mobile World Congress 2014... Digital and mobile identity will be afocus topic at Mobile World Congress2014. Join the GSMA at Mo...

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South-Mediterranean: Follow-up... 22-23 January 2014, Palau de Pedralbes,Barcelona, Spain: The European Union(EU) is currently revis...

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South-Mediterranean: First int...   On November 12th we were invitedby the European Commission (EC), DGConnect, to present the ...

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UK: The marketplace for digita...   Everybody is talking aboutdigital Identity, but many arestruggling to explain what it reall...

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Mobile ID Roaming: Federation ...   According to OxfordDictionaries, Federation means “theaction of forming states or organi...

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Mobile Identity

Consumers, corporations and governments are undertaking an increasing range of activities online and via mobile devices, creating a growing need to authenticate the identity of individuals and organisations. However, many existing authentication solutions are unsecure or inconvenient, and threats to data security and privacy are continuing to grow.

It is estimated that the global number of identity theft victims since 2005 is more than 500 million, with an associated cost to businesses worldwide of more than US$200 billion.

With their differentiated assets such as the SIM card, and strong registration, authentication, and fraud detection and mitigation processes, mobile operators have the ability to provide sufficient authentication to enable consumers, businesses and governments to interact in a private, trusted and secure environment and enable access to services.

But mobile operators need to move quickly and collectively to seize the current opportunity. Countrywide launches of interoperable solutions are critical to offer scale to third parties looking to use mobile operators as the provider of identification services.

The GSMA’s Mobile Identity programme is a global initiative that supports mobile operators to launch and scale robust, interoperable mobile identity services through alignment behind industry frameworks, understanding customer wants and needs, prioritisation of service providers and other third parties, and development of required ecosystems.

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