Mobile for Development – Transforming lives through mobile innovation


Monday 7 Jan 2019 | Resources (en) |

Of the 5 billion mobile subscribers active globally today, some 3.8 billion are located in low- and middle-income countries. Around 2 in every 5 smartphone owners use their phone to look for work, to help improve and monitor the health of their family...

The Mobile Economy Latin America and the Caribbean 2018


Tuesday 4 Dec 2018 | Resources (en) |

4G is set to overtake 3G as the prevailing technology in Latin America by the end of 2018, according to a new GSMA report published at the Mobile 360 Series – Latin America event in Buenos Aires this week.

Making smart cities and IoT a reality in Latin America: a quick guide for decision-makers


Wednesday 21 Nov 2018 | Resources (en) |

The Internet of Things brings about an enormous opportunity for Latin America. The total revenue opportunity for the region by 2023 is USD 33 billion, according to GSMA Intelligence. However, the overall impact on GDP is likely to be a lot more...

Reforming mobile sector taxation in Ecuador


Tuesday 13 Nov 2018 | Resources (en) |

GSMA research shows that the mobile market in Ecuador has grown significantly over the past decade and makes an important contribution to the economy. With a population of 16.6 million, the number of mobile subscribers has grown substantially...

What should the public policy of the next president include, to integrate Brazil into the digital economy?


Monday 10 Sep 2018 | Resources | Resources (en) |

The GSMA, worldwide association of the mobile ecosystem, has launched the document “What should the public policy of the next president include, to integrate Brazil into the digital economy? Digital Agenda for Brazil 2019-2022”.

The 5G era: Age of boundless connectivity and intelligent automation


Thursday 23 Aug 2018 | Resources (en) |

The mobile industry is developing and preparing to deploy 5G. Thanks to technology advances in many different fields, 5G networks will be at the centre of an ecosystem that powers society’s continued digital transformation.

An evaluation of the Hutchison / Orange merger in Austria


Saturday 28 Jul 2018 | Resources (en) |

Assessing the impact of a merger – or predicting the impact of a merger – follows competition law and relies on economic practice. Competition authorities strive for consistency of approach, with assessments generally based on an analysis of the impact...

Spectrum Pricing in Developing Countries


Tuesday 24 Jul 2018 | Resources | Resources (en) |

Better spectrum pricing policies are needed in developing countries within Latin America to improve the economic and social welfare of the millions of people that remain unconnected to mobile broadband services, according to a new report...

Technology for Climate Action in Latin America


Friday 22 Jun 2018 | Resources (en) |

Commissioned by the GSMA and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the report, ‘Technology for Climate Action in Latin America and the Caribbean - How ICT and Mobile Solutions Contribute to a Sustainable, Low-Carbon Future’...

The Mobile Gender Gap Report 2018


Saturday 19 May 2018 | Resources (en) |

This report reveals for the first time the magnitude of the gender gap in mobile internet use across low- and middle-income countries, as well as highlighting the persistent gender disparity in mobile ownership...

What should the public policy of the next president include, to fully integrate Mexico into the digital economy?


Friday 11 May 2018 | Resources (en) |

The GSMA (worldwide association of the mobile ecosystem) today launched the document “What should the public policy of the next president include, to fully integrate Mexico into the digital economy?”, setting out a series of proposals and public policy...

Assessing the impact of market structure on innovation and quality


Friday 4 May 2018 | Resources | Resources (en) |

Central America is lagging behind in mobile broadband adoption and deployment. Closing this gap requires the promotion of market structures that boost competition in investment and innovation, and public policies that take the entire digital ecosystem...

Security and privacy in mobile networks


Wednesday 25 Apr 2018 | Resources (en) |

Challenges, proposals and considerations for governments. Mobile network operators face an ongoing challenge to provide users with a safe and secure mobile experience, while meeting their obligations to protect public safety.

The GSMA proposes four key elements to Colombian presidential candidates for full integration into digital economy


Friday 20 Apr 2018 | Resources (en) |

Colombia requires a regulatory framework with legal certainty to promote investments in dynamic markets that are strong in investment and innovation. Both government and the public need to understand what goes on behind every mobile message...

Mobile industry impact and response in the Caribbean


Wednesday 11 Apr 2018 | Resources (en) |

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was one of the worst ever recorded, causing widespread destruction, loss of life and long-term economic damage to multiple Caribbean small island states. Governments, industries and communities continue to recover...

Mobile money interoperability in Bolivia: A case study for Latin America


Monday 9 Apr 2018 | Resources (en) |

Over the last years, the Mobile Money Programme has highlighted the growing relevance of bank-to-mobile integration and the multiple methods to achieve such interconnection. The 2017 State of the Industry Report...

Mobile Policy Handbook


Tuesday 3 Apr 2018 | Resources (en) |

With mobile service reaching over 95 per cent of the global population and mobile internet access spreading fast, the digital revolution is empowering citizens and reshaping society all over the world. Policymakers and regulators ...

Effective Spectrum Pricing in Latin America


Wednesday 14 Feb 2018 | Resources | Resources (en) |

Policies to support better quality and more affordable mobile services services To deliver affordable, widespread, quality mobile broadband services, operators require fair access to sufficient radio spectrum. ...

GSMA LA Vision Magazine 2017 – 2018 Edition


Tuesday 6 Feb 2018 | Vision Magazine |

The mobile industry has already connected over 5 billion unique subscribers globally, and the Latin America and Caribbean region is home to more than 450 million of these mobile subscribers...

Taxing Mobile Connectivity in Latin America


Monday 1 Jan 2018 | Resources |

A review of mobile sector mobile taxation and its impact on digital inclusion Mobile connectivity is a key facilitator of digital inclusion and economic and social development. The mobile industry in Latin America ...