Enabling rural coverage


Monday 1 Jan 2018 | Resources |

Regulatory and policy regulations to foster mobile broadband coverage in developing countries The lack of coverage in rural areas is the consequence of a basic economic challenge: deploying infrastructure in remote areas can ...

Lack of locally relevant content is the key barrier to overcome


Monday 1 Jan 2018 |

The market context for mobile in Latin America is now about the growth in the mobile internet and the behavioural shift to digital access and engagement. Almost half the population in Latin America now subscribes to the mobile ...

Claves para la modernización de la regulación del ecosistema digital en Argentina


Wednesday 20 Dec 2017 | Resources | Resources (en) |

Avanzando hacia una regulación a prueba de futuro En octubre de 2016, la Asociación GSM lanzó el segundo estudio de la serie de Modernización Regulatoria1 para América Latina “Claves para la modernización de la ...

Signal inhibitors


Thursday 14 Dec 2017 | Resources (en) |

Signal inhibitors, commonly known as jammers, are devices that create interference to intentionally disrupt communication services. In the case of mobile services, they interfere with communication between the mobile terminal and the base station.

Reforming mobile sector taxation in Argentina


Wednesday 29 Nov 2017 | Resources (en) |

Mobile telephone services play an increasingly important role in supporting and delivering development, economic growth and social inclusion. Mobile penetration and affordability enhance digital connectivity by expanding internet and ...

Keys to the Modernisation of Digital Ecosystem Regulation in Chile


Monday 13 Nov 2017 | Resources (en) |

The technological progress resulting from digitisation has generated tremendous benefits for consumers around the world. Primarily leveraged by mobile, access to digital content is becoming universal, with more than three billion ...

Taxing mobile connectivity in Latin America


Monday 6 Nov 2017 | Resources (en) | Uncategorized |

Mobile connectivity is a key enabler of digital inclusion and economic and social development. The mobile industry in Latin America and the Caribbean contributed more than $260 billion to the regional economy in 2016. This represents ...

The Mobile Economy Latin America and the Caribbean 2017


Tuesday 31 Oct 2017 | Resources | Resources (en) | Uncategorized |

Smartphone and 4G adoption accelerating Across Latin America and the Caribbean, smartphone adoption has accelerated to reach 59% of total connections by the first half of 2017. In the largest markets, adoption has grown ...

Guatemala – Mobile financial services (MFS) Regulatory diagnosis and market study


Tuesday 22 Aug 2017 | Resources (en) | Uncategorized |

Regulatory advances in financial inclusion in Guatemala in the last five years have been significant, but are insufficient to reach the lower income population. The level of access to bank accounts and the use of financial ...

The risks associated with Wholesale Open Access Networks


Tuesday 8 Aug 2017 | Resources (en) |

Wholesale Open Access Networks (single wholesale networks) are perhaps not the panacea that is claimed. The goals are often ambitious when governments propose establishing a single wholesale network (SWN) or a ...

Country overview: Colombia


Thursday 15 Jun 2017 | Resources (en) | Uncategorized |

Mobile industry collaborating with government to promote entrepreneurship and innovation Colombia, Latin America’s third largest country by population and fourth largest economy, has performed well economically over ...

Safety, privacy and security across the mobile ecosystem


Monday 12 Jun 2017 | Resources (en) |

In the last three decades, the market for mobile telecoms services has grown to represent more than 7.6 billion mobile connections, serving 4.7 billion unique mobile consumers globally. This growth is set to continue, and it is ...

Handbook competition policy in the digital age


Wednesday 24 May 2017 | Resources (en) | Uncategorized |

How Growing Digitisation Impacts Competition Policy. Four key trends are changing the landscape in the communications industry: 1. Communications are converging; 2. Internet apps are breaking down ...

Digital inclusion and mobile sector taxation in El Salvador


Friday 19 May 2017 | Resources (en) | Uncategorized |

Around five million Salvadorans subscribe to mobile services, but use of mobile broadband remains limited The Republic of El Salvador has the fourth largest economy in Central America. Its economy has
grown slowly compared to other ...

GSMA LA Vision Magazine 2016 – 2017 Edition


Thursday 2 Feb 2017 | Vision Magazine |

Just 25 years ago, the rst 2G networks were launched and there are now 4.8 billion subscribers around the world, over 7.8 billion connections. At the end of 2015, 414 million of these subscribers called Latin America home, ...

Modernising the Digital Ecosystem in Colombia


Thursday 22 Dec 2016 | Resources (en) | Uncategorized |

The technological progress resulting from digitisation has generated tremendous benefits for consumers around the world. Primarily leveraged by mobile, access to digital content is becoming universal, with more than three billion ...

A new regulatory framework for the digital ecosystem


Wednesday 7 Dec 2016 | Resources (en) |

The GSMA’s 2016 report, ‘A new regulatory framework for the digital ecosystem’ by NERA Economic Consulting, takes a cold hard look at how current regulation is coping with today’s dynamic digital economy. The conclusions make for ...

Best practice in mobile spectrum licensing


Wednesday 23 Nov 2016 | Resources (en) |

Effective spectrum licensing is critical to support the investment required to further expand mobile access. It is needed to meet the rapid increase in demand particularly for data services and enhance the quality and range of services ...

Modernising the Digital Ecosystem in Brazil


Wednesday 23 Nov 2016 | Resources (en) |

Technological advances resulting from digitisation have generated tremendous benefits and opportunities for society, are influencing and changing the ways in which people interact and the very nature of our business environment. Mobile ...

Resetting competition policy frameworks for the digital ecosystem


Tuesday 15 Nov 2016 | Resources (en) |

“Resetting Competition Policy Frameworks for the Digital Ecosystem” is a global study on the effectiveness of competition policy. It provides a detailed analysis of the principles and processes that govern today’s ...