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Spectrum sharing has potential – but needs careful planning

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing spectrum for rising mobile data traffic and evolving services. Exclusive licensing is essential to high quality, wide area mobile services while spectrum sharing can play a complementary role. But for sharing to get out the starting blocks, we must choose the right bands and sharing framework. The continued […]

More spectrum is the first step towards getting 5G right

The first commercial 5G services are here, and the next two years will see launches all over the world. But not all 5G networks are created equal; their performance is heavily reliant on the amount of spectrum made available by regulators and governments. The GMSA’s updated position paper on 5G spectrum includes eight steps to […]

Why expanding 4G broadband coverage is key to Indonesia’s future

While the likes of Australia, Macau, Singapore, and South Korea account for four of the top seven nations worldwide for smartphone adoption, Indonesia, along with China and India, has been responsible for driving growth in take up across the Asia Pacific region. Indonesia alone added almost 75 million smartphone connections in 2017, while the total […]

Time for Europe to show it is serious about 5G

The future of 5G in Europe hangs in the balance as technical discussions on two of the three pioneer spectrum bands are taking place this July during the plenary meeting of the Electronic Communication Committee. The current proposal of the technical conditions for the 26 GHz band would significantly undermine the industry’s ability to provide […]

26 and 28 GHz: driving great 5G

The introduction of 5G pioneers a new level of mobile performance with ultra-high speeds and low latencies. Millimetre wave spectrum is crucial to enable this performance and the 26 GHz and 28 GHz have emerged as two of the most important bands in this range. 5G’s success depends on the timely release of more widely […]

Spectrum pricing in Latin America needs more attention

This blog post was written by Lucas Gallitto, Public Policy Director at GSMA Latin America Latin America is poised to be one of the fastest growing regions during the next couple of years, with tens of millions of new subscribers and increasing smartphone adoption. Governments and regulators can either help or hinder this. For mobile operators […]

Governments have a great opportunity to take the lead on spectrum as 5G emerges

Spectrum fuels the mobile ecosystem. Enabling fair access allows networks to run. It creates the certainty necessary to drive investment in mobile networks, bringing to life the many benefits the mobile industry provides to society and economies. In 2017, we saw many examples of good practice in spectrum assignment around the world. In Costa Rica, […]

Spectrum for ITS and UAVs

Mobile networks can help make game-changers such as self-driving cars and deliveries via drones a reality. But success is dependent on supportive regulatory frameworks. Two new policy position papers from the GSMA’s spectrum team on unmanned aerial vehicles and intelligent transport systems detail what’s needed. The key ingredients are a technology-neutral approach to spectrum and […]

The recipe for 5G

This blog post was written by Luciana Camargos, Director, Future Spectrum at the GSMA The recipe for 5G has a lot of ingredients, but for 5G to become a success, one of the key components is spectrum. Harmonised mobile spectrum will ensure 5G services meet future expectations and deliver the full range of affordable services. What happens […]

Spectrum pricing is about more than the treasury’s bottom line

This blog post was written by Peng Zhao, Spectrum Policy Director at the GSMA When it comes to mobile services, the main goal of governments around the world should be to get most out of its mobile spectrum resources. To help make this clear, the GSMA’s spectrum team has developed ten positions on the importance of […]

Why spectrum matters

This blog post was written by Brett Tarnutzer, GSMA Head of Spectrum The importance of spectrum to mobile systems, and therefore to our lives, cannot be understated. To increase awareness of key spectrum issues, the GSMA’s spectrum team is launching a blog and a newsletter. Our releases will cover all the areas we are passionate […]