Business Continuity Management: An overviewBuilding partnerships between mobile networks & aid providers during crises: A call to actionThe mobile industry commitment to preparing for and responding to humanitarian crises
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Building partnerships between mobile networks & aid providers during crises: A call to action - Read the blog post

Disaster Response Programme

Through this global initiative, the Disaster Response Programme will use its unique position to lead the mobile industry in improving network preparedness and restoration, and providing more effective, coordinated support to humanitarian responders and disaster affected populations.

Research on the role of mobile networks in disaster response highlights their extraordinary resilience and their ability to facilitate critical communication between humanitarian agencies, affected populations and the international community. The power of mobile was evident in the aftermath of the 2010 Haitian earthquake which saw a proliferation of new coordination and response strategies that were built around this platform. Mobile’s role in disaster response has continued to grow, and as the ecosystem becomes more complex, a better understanding of how the global GSMA community can lend support is needed.

In March 2015, following more than two years of industry consultation, the programme launched the Humanitarian Connectivity Charter. The Charter represents a set of shared principals adopted by members of the mobile industry to support improved access to communication and information for those affected by crisis in order to reduce the loss of life and to positively contribute to humanitarian response

Through the Humanitarian Connectivity Charter, the GSMA Mobile for Development, Disaster Response Programme works with mobile operators to determine how they can most effectively support each other and improve preparedness and resilience among networks in disasters.

The Disaster Response Programme works with humanitarian organisations, governments, NGOs and the broader mobile ecosystem on a national, regional and global basis to drive the creation and adoption of coordinated, impactful solutions and practices that leverage the ubiquity of the mobile technology under the umbrella of the Humanitarian Connectivity Charter.

More information about the Humanitarian Connectivity Charter can be found here.


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