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Green Power Deployment Tracker

Promoting Green Power to Extend Mobile beyond the grid. 118,000 sustainable base stations could cut annual carbon emissions by 6.8 million tonnes annually.The GSMA Green Power for Mobile programme was launched in September 2008 to advance the use of renewable energy sources by the mobile industry to power a potential 118,000 new and existing off-grid base stations in developing countries. Achieving this target will save up to US$2.5bn on diesel expenditure, cut annual carbon emissions by up to 6.8 million tonnes and connect 118 million people in developing countries to mobile networks using green power.

  • Number of Green Deployments* – 42,951
  • Number of Planned Green Deployments – 7,053
  • Number of Diesel Battery Hybrid Base Stations – 50,208

* This database only contains data provided by mobile network operators to the GSMA, therefore it is not a fully comprehensive table of all green deployments worldwide. Generator-Battery Hybrid sites are tracked, but excluded from total renewable base stations.