A New SIM for a New Generation of Connected Consumer Devices

A New Generation of SIM

The mobile industry has released a new global SIM specification that enables consumers to remotely and independently connect companion consumer devices such as smart watches, health bands, tablets and other devices to a mobile network.

This SIM specification will encourage device manufacturers to create a new generation of lighter, mobile connected devices that are better suited for wearable technology applications. These new smart connected devices use smaller chips that don’t require as much space as a typical SIM card but retain their security benefits.

Consumers will benefit from the specification in the following ways:
• Connect companion devices that will operate independently of a smartphone, with their own subscriptions.
• Experience a range of new, lighter mobile connected companion devices.
• Enjoy securely connected mobile devices with the reassurance of the privacy of their personal data guaranteed by the quality of service delivered by mobile operators and the SIM.

This is the first industry backed global consumer remote SIM specification. A global approach and consistent user experience will grow the Internet of Things by allowing consumer device manufacturers to build a new range of products for global deployment based on this common embedded SIM architecture. The specification is available now enabling the launch of new devices.

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