MWC22 Barcelona Spotlights: Summit Tech


Thursday 12 May 2022 | 5G Video Series | All Projects | MWC22 | Operator Platform | Resources | Telco Edge Cloud |

Doug Makishima, CSMO from Summit Tech shared updates on the latest company developments in TEC and Operator Platform, the importance Edge computing and Telco collaboration in MEC.  

MWC22 Barcelona Spotlights: Telefónica


Thursday 12 May 2022 | 5G Video Series | MWC22 | Resources | Telco Edge | Telco Edge Cloud |

Juan Carlos Garcia, SVP of Technology Innovation and Ecosystems at Telefónica join us to explain why the Telco Edge Cloud Forum is of value to the operators and mobile ecosystem, the latest TEC Trials and the importance of collaboration. 

MWC22 Barcelona Spotlights: Radisys


Thursday 12 May 2022 | 5G Video Series | MWC22 | Open-RAN | Resources |

Munish Chhabra, SVP & GM of Mobility at Radisys explains why it is important for Open RAN collaboration, how it will impact software networks and architectures, and the ways Radisys is supporting vendors' deployment of Open RAN. 

MWC22 Barcelona Spotlights: GSMA Foundry


Thursday 12 May 2022 | 5G Video Series | GSMA Foundry | MWC22 | Resources | Telco Edge Cloud |

Henry Calvert, Head of Networks at GSMA explains why members and partners across the ecosystem should get involved in the GSMA Foundry and an update on current TEC collaborations including how Edge can help customer and enterprise experiences. 

MWC22 Barcelona Spotlights: Comba Telecom


Thursday 12 May 2022 | 5G Video Series | MWC22 | Open-RAN | Resources |

Jan Berglund, Director of Product and Solutions at Comba Telecom shares the latest updates, development plans and opportunities for Open RAN.

GSMA Operator Platform Telco Edge Requirements 2022


Thursday 21 Apr 2022 | All Projects | Operator Platform | Resources |

Operators in the 5G era have a significant opportunity to monetise the capabilities of their networks. Moreover, with the existing relationships that operators have with enterprises, their vast local footprint, their ...

Expert Spotlight: Unlocking the Full Potential of 5G


Monday 11 Apr 2022 | 5G | 5G mmWave | Resources |

In these spotlight interviews, industry experts answer questions around the potential and opportunities of 5G.

MWC22 Barcelona Open RAN Summit Catch-Up


Tuesday 29 Mar 2022 | 5G Video Series | MWC22 | Open-RAN | Resources |

Watch the full Open RAN Summit from MWC22 Barcelona to learn more about the latest Open RAN adoption, innovation and opportunities for the mobile ecosystem.

Telco Edge Cloud Value & Achievements Whitepaper


Friday 25 Mar 2022 | All Projects | Resources | Telco Edge |

This whitepaper showcases the latest TEC Trials, outlines the future steps, which includes setting up TEC Labs, a network of interconnected edge and NaaS nodes and more.

On Demand: 5G mmWave Summit at MWC Barcelona 2022


Wednesday 23 Mar 2022 | 5G | 5G mmWave | Resources |

Understand how 5G mmWave is unlocking the full potential of 5G and hear from leading industry experts about 5G mmWave progress to date, global outlook, the economics of 5G mmWave, key applications and real-life use cases, challenges, and next steps.

Telco Edge Cloud Forum Meeting 4 | Open Session


Monday 14 Mar 2022 | Resources | Telco Edge |

The combined work of GSMA’s Telco Edge Cloud (TEC) Forum and Operator Platform Group (OPG) have shown the feasibility and value of an edge computing proposition leveraging all capabilities the next generation networks offer. Now ...

GSMA 5G mmWave Factsheet


Friday 25 Feb 2022 | 5G | 5G mmWave | Resources |

The quickly growing number of 5G use cases demands a fully coordinated, multi-layer network where 5G mmWave spectrum provides the massive capacity and low latency needed for a full 5G experience.

High Altitude Platform Systems: Towers in the Skies (Version 2.0)


Wednesday 9 Feb 2022 | Resources |

Uncrewed High-Altitude Platform (HAPS) could bring connectivity to areas that are either not covered, or are only partially covered, by terrestrial cellular networks. HAPS has the potential to provide services to citizens and ...

Operator Platform API Group with 3GPP & ETSI | Workshop Recording


Monday 24 Jan 2022 | 5G Video Series | Operator Platform | Resources |

In this workshop, you'll hear feedback from the workshop held in December 2021 where the OPAG presented their view of the OPG solution to 3GPP & ETSI. [vid id="436239414"] Our Speakers [people ...

Operator Platform API Webinar Catch Up


Wednesday 8 Dec 2021 | Operator Platform | Resources |

Operator Platform (OP) webinar with Standard Definition Organisations working towards the common interfaces required by the edge ecosystem

TEC Forum Open Session Catch Up


Monday 22 Nov 2021 | 5G Video Series | Resources | Telco Edge | Telco Edge Cloud |

TEC Forum members, operators and platform providers joined the TEC Forum Open Session to hear from key players in the industry including MobiledgeX, STL Partners, Summit Tech, Telefonica and many more.

MWC21 Los Angeles – Edge Summit


Monday 1 Nov 2021 | 5G Video Series | MWC21 | Resources | Telco Edge | Telco Edge Cloud |

From MWC21 Los Angeles, explore edge’s unique ability to process data in an intelligent way that delivers practical benefits to huge groups of people across the globe.

KDDI, Deutsche Telekom and partners demonstrate next generation AR mobile app experience in alignment with GSMA TEC initiative


Tuesday 26 Oct 2021 | 5G Video Series | Resources | TEC partner spotlight | Telco Edge | Telco Edge Cloud |

KDDI Corporation, Deutsche Telekom AG, MobiledgeX, Sturfee and Mawari have jointly developed a mobile application proof of concept to demonstrate an augmented reality (AR) application leveraging remote ...

Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and MobiledgeX optimise user experience for Continental’s Collision Warning solution


Thursday 9 Sep 2021 | Resources | TEC partner spotlight | Telco Edge | Telco Edge Cloud |

An industry-first demonstration of a managed interconnection of the Telco Edge Cloud assets of two operators at one location, as Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and MobiledgeX enable an optimised user experience for Continental’s Collision Warning use case.

GSMA TEC Forum – KDDI Edge Cloud


Tuesday 7 Sep 2021 | Resources | TEC partner spotlight | Telco Edge |

The value of edge computing is bringing the cloud at your fingertips – by low latency and it is essential that edge computing can be used right away, as an extension of cloud service is one way to make this happen. Toru Maruta, ...