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5G Case Studies

There is growing industry consensus that the enterprise segment offers the biggest incremental revenue opportunity for operators in the 5G era – $700bn by 2030 (Ericsson).

With 5G network rolling out, the leading operators have started to deploy the enterprise use cases on live networks and are benefiting from unique characteristics such as fast mobile broadband, ultra-reliable network and network slicing.  The following case studies will demonstrate what the use cases are and how operators deploy the services on the 5G network.

Network Economics

The Network Economics workstream brought together innovators, vendors and operators in the fields of Energy Efficiency, Infrastructure Sharing & Backhaul Relief. You can find out about the $1 billion+ OpEx & CapEx savings identified in our Network Economics case studies.


GSMA Network Economics Webinar: América Móvil & VIAVI Solutions


Thursday 26 Mar 2020 | Network Economics Webinar | Resources |

Watch the Network Economics webinar and download the speakers’ presentations. On Tuesday, 24 March, The Future Networks Programme hosted a webinar with mobile operator, América Móvil and ...


Network Economics Annual Report 2020


Monday 23 Mar 2020 | 5G | Network Economics Document | Resources |

The GSMA Future Networks programme has met with key global innovators in Energy Efficiency, Backhaul, Infrastructure sharing, AI and Automation to identify over $1bn OpEx and CapEx savings. These cost intensity savings have been ...