Who does the assessments for the GSMA Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme?

The scheme is a combination of the NESAS Product Development & Lifecycle Management Process Audit + the NESAS Product & Evidence Evaluation. GSMA Appointed Auditors carry out the Process Audit by reviewing documentation and conducting interviews with key individuals. Then assess compliance with the defined security requirements.

To ensure GSMA secures the services of the best qualified and most professional auditing companies, we periodically conduct a competitive tender for the provision of NESAS auditing services. With selection criteria agreed by the GSMA NESAS Oversight Board.

The GSMA NESAS Appointed Auditors are listed below. The Equipment Vendor may choose which Auditor to use.

What are the benefits of becoming an appointed GSMA Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme auditor?

  • Help to manage and maintain global security integrity with GSMA
  • GSMA will promote appointed auditors through global channels
  • Recognition of the auditors’ competency to perform security audits in complex environments

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