Improving CLI Validity – Solutions and Regulatory Assessment


Monday 2 Oct 2023 |

This GSMA white paper describes current CLI validation solutions and provides an assessment of each from a mobile industry perspective. This paper is provided only for the information and education of GSMA ...

Security Assurance and Certification


Wednesday 21 Jun 2023 |

Welcome to this information paper, which examines how today’s actions in engaging in industry certification schemes, international standards and developing industry security best practice guidance delivers an ...

GSMA Mobile Telecommunications Security Landscape 2023


Tuesday 28 Feb 2023 |

Welcome to the GSMA’s fifth annual Mobile Telecommunications Security Landscape report which focuses on security threats that the GSMA has been tracking throughout 2022 both from public sources and from within ...

Mobile Telecommunications Security Landscape 2022


Thursday 10 Feb 2022 |

Welcome to the GSMA’s 4th annual Mobile Telecommunications Security Landscape report.  The report provides an overview of the significant security ...

Mobile Telecommunications Security Landscape 2021


Tuesday 2 Mar 2021 |

This guide gives insights into the security landscape of the mobile telecommunications ecosystem, details key dimensions of consideration, and offers guidance to mitigate and tackle such threats.

Open Networking & the Security of Open Source Software Deployment


Tuesday 19 Jan 2021 |

This whitepaper offers a review of the security factors identified when deciding on deployment scenarios for open networking and deployment of open source software solutions within mobile networks.

Open Source Software Security: A Research Summary


Friday 18 Dec 2020 |

This report is intended to offer a summary of some of the key information sources researched, so that the reader can relatively quickly gain an overview of open source software security considerations and undertake their own research...

Mobile Telecommunications Security Threat Landscape report 2020


Friday 31 Jan 2020 |

As we enter the era of intelligent connectivity, we are seeing ever more complex networks, both in the services they offer, in the use cases they will enable, and the range of technology used to build them. Not only will such networks ...

Mobile Telecommunications Security Threat Landscape 2019


Thursday 31 Jan 2019 |

The GSMA predict that the threat to industry will increase over time.

FS.25 Requirements for Mobile Device Software Security Updates


Sunday 27 Dec 2020 |

This document establishes high level requirements for security updates for cellular- connected device software, with a particular focus on critical security updates which need to be deployed widely and quickly due to a major security incident of some kind.

FS.26 Guidelines for Independent Remote Interconnect Security Testing


Tuesday 3 Nov 2020 |

This document provides guidelines on the security roles and responsibilities of testers and signalling interconnect partners in relation to the performance of independent remote interconnect signalling security testing as described in this document.

FS.27 Security Guidelines for UICC Profiles


Tuesday 30 Jan 2024 |

This document provides security guidelines for the proper configuration of UICC profiles. The guidance contained in this document also applies to telecom profiles embedded into an eUICC.

FS.28 Security Guidelines for Exchange of UICC Credentials


Tuesday 10 Nov 2020 |

FS.31 GSMA Baseline Security Controls


Friday 1 Sep 2023 | Build | Decommissioning | Design and Development | Operational |

Mobile Network Operators provide the backbone for mobile telecommunication technologies.  At enterprise level the industry offers a wide array of services, diversifying from traditional connectivity into content and managed ...

FS.34 Key Management for 4G and 5G inter-PLMN Security


Tuesday 14 Nov 2023 |

This document describes the key management process, i.e. the exchange of certificates and key materials that are used between the interconnect parties to secure the signalling communication.

FS.35 Security Algorithm Implementation Roadmap


Friday 1 Apr 2022 |

This document describes the GSM, UMTS, LTE and 5G authentication, privacy and integrity protection algorithms that are used in cellular devices and networks. It provides guidance and recommendations on the best deployment options as well as the algorithms