FS.31 GSMA Baseline Security Controls


Wednesday 5 Feb 2020 | Build | Decommissioning | Design and Development | Operational |

Mobile Network Operators provide the backbone for mobile telecommunication technologies.  At enterprise level the industry offers a wide array of services, diversifying from traditional connectivity into content and managed services. ...

Mobile Telecommunications Security Threat Landscape report


Friday 31 Jan 2020 |

As we enter the era of intelligent connectivity, we are seeing ever more complex networks, both in the services they offer, in the use cases they will enable, and the range of technology used to build them. Not only will such networks ...

Mobile Telecommunications Security Threat Landscape


Thursday 31 Jan 2019 |

The GSMA predict that the threat to industry will increase ...

Guidelines for Independent Remote Interconnect Security Testing


Friday 3 Nov 2017 | Operational |

This document provides guidelines on the security roles and responsibilities of testers and signalling interconnect partners in relation to the performance of independent remote interconnect signalling security testing as described ...