Cyber security is hard. GSMA T-ISAC wants to help.

The GSMA Telecommunication Information Sharing and Analysis Center (T-ISAC) is the central hub of information sharing for the Telecommunication Industry.​ We believe information sharing is essential for the protection of the mobile ecosystem, and the advancement of cybersecurity for the telecommunication sector.​

As cyber-attacks continue to increase in sophistication and volume, the GSMA T-ISAC is evolving and advancing its services. This is the perfect time to get sharing with your peers.​

If you are a GSMA member, you can join T-ISAC by completing the short form here and get involved in our upcoming activities.

One organisation’s detection is another’s prevention.

Drawing on the collective knowledge of mobile operators, vendors and security professionals, the T-ISAC collects, disseminates information and advice on security incidents within the mobile community – in a trusted and anonymised way.​

Our latest addition to the GSMA T-ISAC tool suite is the GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service which is a global resource for accurate roaming and interconnect fraud intelligence, including high-risk range and hot numbers. Furthermore, operators can analyse and exchange data in real time and in confidence. Access to the High Risk Numbers is free for GSMA operator members and is a significant upgrade to the existing method of sharing fraudulent numbers.


How will my company benefit from being part of the T-ISAC Community?

Information sharing in the T-ISAC is all about building a global community with the same ethos, “One organisations’ detection is another’s prevention”. We are member-driven and working together to address and increase our resilience in the telecommunication industry against the cyber threats we all face.   T-ISAC enables its members, with a variety of services and products, to share important cyber threat information in real-time, as well as best practice solutions.

How do I join T-ISAC?

If you are a GSMA member, submit your details to join. Once received and verified you will be sent a welcome email with information on the products and services available to you, and access to the sharing platforms will also be set up.

If I am not a GSMA member, can I still join T-ISAC?

To join the T-ISAC you must be a GSMA member. Email us at [email protected] to learn more.

Where do I find more information about T-ISAC?

See our document, T-ISAC Service Offering which outlines the policy, process and functionality of the GSMA T-ISAC, ensuring the rights and responsibilities are clearly understood and delivered correctly.

This document, and its associated components, has been built around best practice recommendations contained within the Forum of Incident Response Teams (FIRST), Requests for Comment (RFC), and the National Institute of Standards and technology (NIST) detailing expectations regarding Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) functions.

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