GSMA Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme documentation

The NESAS’ policies, processes, and procedures are on this page. The 3GPP specifications define the scheme. While the scheme’s processes and requirements are from the GSMA.

Please note that NESAS improves by iterations. Therefore, all findings refine future releases. Whether they are through its application or feedback from stakeholders. So the scheme can help to make sure security improvements are always the best they can be.

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GSMA Scheme Documents

The GSMA publishes the following documents:

FS.13 – NESAS Overview Familiarise yourself with the NESAS scheme.
FS.14 – NESAS Security Test Laboratory Accreditation Requirements for accreditation.
FS.15 – NESAS Development and Lifecycle Assessment Methodology The audit assessment for network equipment vendors’ processes.
FS.16 – NESAS Development and Lifecycle Security Requirements Security requirements for network equipment vendors’ processes.
FS.46 – NESAS Audit Guidelines How to prepare and carry out an audit.
FS.47 – NESAS Product and Evidence Evaluation Methodology Details of how the product and evidence evaluation works.
FS.50 – Security Assurance Specification Development Requirements Requirements for the structure and content to create security assurance specifications

3GPP Security Assurance Specifications

3GPP publishes the following Security Assurance Specification (SCAS) documents:

TS 33.116 MME network product class
TS 33.117 Catalogue of general security assurance requirements
TS 33.216 Evolved Node B (eNB) network product class 
TS 33.250 PGW network product class 
TS 33.326 Network Slice-Specific Authentication and Authorization Function (NSSAAF) network product class 
TS 33.511 Next generation Node B (gNodeB) network product class 
TS 33.512 Access and Mobility management Function (AMF). 5G SCAS
TS 33.513 User Plane Function (UPF) 5G SCAS
TS 33.514 Unified Data Management (UDM) network product class. 5G SCAS
TS 33.515 Session Management Function (SMF) network product class. 5G SCAS
TS 33.516 Authentication Server Function (AUSF) network product class. 5G SCAS 
TS 33.517 Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) network product class. 5G SCAS
TS 33.518 Network Repository Function (NRF) network product class. 5G SCAS
TS 33.519 Network Exposure Function (NEF) network product class. 5G SCAS
TS 33.521 Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF). 5G SCAS
TS 33.522 Service Communication Proxy (SCP). 5G SCAS 
TS 33.523 Split gNB product classes 5G SCAS
TS 33.526 Management Function (MnF) 5GSCAS
TS 33.527 3GPP virtualized network products 5GSCAS