How does the GSMA Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme work for network equipment vendors?

The scheme is designed to help mobile network equipment vendors improve security levels. Specifically, it covers equipment that supports functions defined by 3GPP and deployed by MNOs on their networks.

One of the scheme’s strengths is that it’s made up from a combination of two services. The NESAS Product Development & Lifecycle Management Process Audit + the NESAS Product & Evidence Evaluation. You need to complete the audit before the evaluation.

First, the vendor’s processes to produce the network security product are assessed by an auditor, following the NESAS set of security requirements. Then, the final product goes on to be security tested and evaluated by a test laboratory – to ensure that the vendor has adhered to their own assessed processes.

Together, these services provide an industry-wide assurance framework and introduce a baseline security level that should be reached by the mobile industry.

What are the benefits of the GSMA Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme for network equipment vendors?

  • Highlights your ability to achieve and maintain security levels
  • Unified set of security requirements eases network product development and global sales
  • Avoids globally inconsistent and conflicting security requirements and conformance fragmentation
  • One global scheme, recognised by all, decreases the duplication of work and security testing in multiple markets
  • You can demonstrate to your customers or prospective customers that your products reach the universal security standards defined and required by the industry globally
  • Promotes ongoing improvement and risk reduction
  • Reduces workload in responding to operator procurement processes
  • You have choice, as you can select which appointed auditor to use, as well as your preferred Authorised GSMA NESAS Test Laboratory
  • Encourages security by design culture across the network equipment vendor community

As well as all the above, another of the key benefits for network equipment vendors is that GSMA promotes a list of those that are participating in the GSMA Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme to network operators and other stakeholders here, and through its global channels.

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