What are the benefits of the GSMA Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme for governments, national authorities and regulators?

GSMA NESAS is here to assist national telecommunication networks in reaching resilience levels resistant to cyber threats and their consequences. Since the industry itself created and manages the scheme, it takes into account the requirements of the whole ecosystem. See its key benefits to governments, national security authorities and regulators, below:

  • One global security scheme which reflects the security needs of the entire ecosystem, commensurate with national security needs
  • Can instill trust in the security and resilience of national telecommunication networks
  • Helps avoid fragmentation of security requirements across the global market
  • Independently established, it’s defined by the industry through the GSMA and 3GPP
  • Visibility of security capabilities of equipment vendors and their success at reaching the standards required by the industry
  • Maintained and evolved by the industry in line with emerging technical developments and the cyber threat landscape
  • Promotes supply chain competition and choice by encouraging equipment vendors to achieve desired security standards
  • Fully funded by the industry

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