MWC22 Barcelona Partner Spotlight: POST Luxembourg


Friday 13 May 2022 | MWC22 Barcelona | T-ISAC Resources |

Alexandre De Olivieira, Telecommunication Security Specialist at POST Luxembourg during the MWC22 Barcelona show to discuss the latest developments and the benefits of GSMA T-ISAC for operators and the mobile ecosystem.

T-ISAC Insight Report: Flubot


Friday 10 Dec 2021 | T-ISAC Resources |

The latest T-ISAC Insight Report 2021 focuses on this year's key security threat - Flubot. This report shares global learnings, recommendations, and response strategies.

T-ISAC 5G Security Use Cases & Best Practices Catch Up


Friday 26 Nov 2021 | T-ISAC Resources |

Download speaker content and watch the full session 5G Security Use Cases and Best Practices with Dr. Jyrki Penttinen, Senior Technology Manager, North America, GSMA.

T-ISAC 5G Security Evolves Catch Up


Thursday 3 Jun 2021 | T-ISAC Resources |

At the GSMA T-ISAC 5G Security Evolves webinar, we explored the latest status of 5G security architecture and learned what the specifications mean in a practical environment including financial verticals.