T-ISAC 5G Security Use Cases & Best Practices Catch Up

Friday 26 Nov 2021 | T-ISAC Resources |

On 25 November 2021, we discussed how 5G deployments advance steadily. The new generation refreshes technical foundations bringing along the new service-based model as security aspects experience a complete facelift for the ecosystem to better combat against increasing attacks. Security is one of the most important technical topics in today’s mobile networks and services for all to consider.

Dr. Jyrki Penttinen, Senior Technology Manager, North America, GSMA shared use cases related to 5G security and learn about the practical aspects of their deployment, including: 

  • The role and functioning of SIM in 5G, and what is the latest knowledge on the evolved form factor management

  • The security of 5G Network Functions (NF) in practice; functioning and certificate management; the role of NFs in enhanced security, monitoring and threat detection

  • An overview about key security aspects in 5G roaming and interconnection scenarios

  • Security considerations of the 5G Network Slices (NS) Learn about the GSMA resources and guidelines for the 5G security

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Company Speaker Presentation
GSMA Dr. Jyrki Penttinen, Senior Technology Manager, North America 5G Security Use cases presentation
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