Security Assurance and Certification

Wednesday 21 Jun 2023 |

Security Assurance and Certification image

Welcome to this information paper, which examines how today’s actions in engaging in industry certification schemes, international standards and developing industry security best practice guidance delivers an enduring long-term benefit.

Given the long in-life equipment usage stage, there is considerable benefit for industry involvement in:

  • Reaping a longer-term security benefit by actively supporting the development of international standards
  • Applying and developing industry-developed security best practices through active engagement in GSMA’s working groups
  • Developing coherent vendor arrangements that avoid fragmentation through actively supporting and specifying the use of industry certification schemes such as GSMA’s NESAS scheme
  • Strengthening the collective operational security response through threat intelligence by joining and contributing to GSMA’s T-ISAC scheme and security vulnerability sharing through GSMA’s CVD scheme.

The relative ease of engagement in these areas means that playing the ‘long game’ for security can deliver high impact engagements with long-term residual value.