IR.82 SS7 Security Network Implementation Guidelines

Thursday 3 Nov 2016 | Deployment | Operational |

IR.82 SS7 Security Network Implementation Guidelines image

This document outlines general SS7 security measures (MAP and CAP signalling), including measures specific to SMS security, and the possible enforcement point for each measure. For maximum benefit, It should be read in conjunction with FS.11 and FS.07.

Audience: Technical security practitioner

Resource technology specifics: Core network

Resource type: Guideline

Resource enforcement: Voluntary

Resource certification type: Self-assessment

Key Benefits
  • Provides information about the different options for implementing SS7 security features within:
    • The PLMN network
    • The SS7 carriers
    • The Roaming and SMS Hubs
  • Proposes a concrete technical classification for SS7 GSM MAP messages and message parameters to check