MWC24 Barcelona GSMA SEC CON catch up

Friday 15 Mar 2024 | MWC24 Barcelona |

Securing the Future with Artificial Intelligence

Since its launch last year, GSMA SEC CON has once again brought together leading speakers at MWC Barcelona. This year, we talked about one of the world’s most popular trends: AI security. On 29 February, 2024, over 320 business leaders and security professionals attended the two-session summit, all with the same goal in mind: to learn how to protect the AI system against targeted cyber attacks, as well as important techniques and frameworks for agile defence against AI-driven threats.

Did you miss our sessions? Stay up with security trends by watching the replay.

Session 1: Securing AI: shielding AI from cyber attacks

Host: Samantha Kight, Head of Industry Security, GSMA

Keynote: Karsten Nohl, Founder and Chief Scientist of Security Research Labs

Panel discussion:

AI processes vast data, enhancing customer experiences, making instant decisions, and integrating into key sectors like in telecoms, national security, healthcare and more. However, cyber threats and AI-generated vulnerabilities pose significant risks. In this session, delegates will learn protective measures against data leaks, model tampering, and other threats.


  • Mohammad Chowdhury, Founder and CEO, Long Street Advisors
  • Karsten Nohl, Founder & Chief Scientist, Security Research Labs
  • Taylor Hartley, Network Security Solutions Architect, Ericsson
  • Robin Bylenga, VP and Information Security Lead, DWS
  • Tor Indstøy, VP, Risk Management and Threat intelligence, Telenor

Session 2: AI-driven threats: strategies for defense

Keynote: Haider Pasha, CSO, Palo Alto Networks

Keynote: Jennifer MS Park, SVP of Infra AI/DT, SK Telecom

Panel discussion:

AI has vast applications, automating tasks, spotting patterns, making predictions, and creating work. However, it also poses risks, with attackers using AI to find weaknesses, leading to a new arms race. This session explores AI-powered attacks and defense strategies, offering insights on securing against emerging threats.


  • Ian Fogg, Director, Network Innovation, CSS Insight
  • Diego Lopez, Senior Technology Expert, Telefonica
  • Rodrigo Brito, Global Head of Cybersecurity Products, Nokia
  • Danielle Syvertsen, Principal Global Telecommunications Industry, IBM

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