Telecommunication Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (T-ISAC)

Wednesday 27 Feb 2019 | Operational |

The Telecommunication Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (T-ISAC) has been established to act as the point of coordination for the security of the mobile ecosystem. It collects, disseminates information and advice on security incidents within the mobile community in a trusted and anonymised way.

Audience:  Technical security practitioner

Resource technology specifics: Host virtualisation, Network function virtualisation (NFV), Software defined networking (SDN), Generic, User equipment, Radio access network (RAN), core network, enterprise network, UICC/eUICC/iUICC, Internet of Things (IoT)

Resource type: Process or procedure

Resource enforcement: Voluntary

Resource certification type: Self-assessment

Advantage Disadvantage
  • Allows members the opportunity to share intelligence, a requirement of the NIS Directive for European members
  • GSMA members protected by the Articles of Association which is an Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that protects them from data leakage occurring between members.
  • GSMA members only
  • Requires MISP infrastructure to automate the feed, although open source this requires equipment and management
  • Threat sharing is based on trust which may not be present
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