Working Groups

GSMA Working Groups are the traditional “engines” of the Association and exist to oversee and develop the practical aspects of running mobile services today and into the future. They are an established structure with many long-term and valuable active members. The Working Groups have resource pools of subject matter experts that provide huge value to GSMA’s activities. Working groups meet periodically to gather opinions, reach consensus and approve documentation and the insight of the working group members greatly benefits the formulation of GSMA’s work on many projects and adds considerable value to the entire mobile ecosystem.

The Working Groups provide a forum for consensus building among members concerning the setting of frameworks and standards in respect of operational and technical matters and they provide a focus for harmonising a GSMA view for use outside the organisation.

Terms of Reference

Each individual Working Group has its own terms of reference to set out the scope and remit of the group in its subject matter area. However, there are certain aspects that are common to all Working Groups and these are set out in the following generic terms of reference that apply to all groups:

  • Provide a forum for consensus building and harmonisation among members concerning the setting of frameworks and standards in respect of operational matters
  • Liaise with and act as point of contact for external organisations in relation to matters within their remit, keeping GSMA Standards team appraised to maintain an overall picture of GSMA engagement for all external organisations
  • Develop and maintain guidelines, recommendations and processes necessary to support efficient roaming, interconnection and interworking
  • Provide enablers necessary for the successful development and rollout of new services
  • Collaborate across the GSMA membership and provide expert input and contributions where necessary
  • Develop and maintain educational materials on subject matters areas for the benefit of GSMA members
  • Promote and monitor compliance with industry best practice and recommendations
  • Maintain a library of official documents in accordance with GSMA defined processes
  • Within relevant areas of expertise, provide timely support to GSMA Programmes.

How to Get Involved

If you would like more information about GSMA Working Groups, please contact Alternatively, for specific queries regarding one of the Working Groups, please click on the group’s homepage for further information.

Furthermore, if you are interested in contributing and attending any of the Working Groups then please contact to become a GSMA member and to join this group.

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