Interoperability Data specifications and Settlement Group


Interoperability, Data specifications and Settlement Group is comprised of technical experts who are responsible for creating technical billing and settlement standards and operational processes, to support all GSMA initiatives.

The group is committed to providing flexible and innovative solutions which improve operations, optimize workflow, and enhance data transfer among mobile network operators, roaming hubs and agents.

It provides a forum for GSMA Operator Members and Industry Members (such as roaming hubs, financial clearing agents, data clearing houses, NRTRDE agents, and billing system providers) to collaborate and develop standard solutions for interoperability.

The group also provides support in providing a comprehensive framework of standardised B2B interfaces to support the mobile industry (exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of technical information and mobile payment information).

Key Topics

The following list provides a summary of active projects

  • Exploring opportunities for sharing, networking and advancing data interchange
  • Machine to Machine billing and charging principles
  • Implementation of a centralised tool to exchange key agreement information


  • Enhancing settlement procedures to improve member’s cash flow
  • Evaluation of electronic methods to exchange invoice data for inter-working
  • Support of Wi-Fi GSM interworking standards

What the Interoperability, Data specifications and Settlement Group Does

  • Defines interface specifications and appropriate supporting documentation (transfer mechanisms, testing specifications, example files, implementation handbooks and so on.)
  • Schedules releases based on impact analysis, understanding of business requirements and a well-known release management process.
  • Defines agent interworking processes and reporting mechanisms (how Industry Members work together to reduce operational issues.)
  • Defines agent migration processes (how mobile network operators can change an agent with least impact on roaming partners.)
  • Manages disputes relating to any of the standardised interfaces in the case where GSMA documentation is unclear.
  • Defines rules on TADIG Code allocation and usage. For further information see TD.13
  • Consults with relevant players in the industry to ensure what is being developed meets the business needs.
  • Advises other working groups with regards to how best implement their requirements and explains pros and cons of various considered solutions.
  • Exchanges and shares operational experiences to enhance understanding and help solve operational problems in the industry.
  • Highlights challenges and suggests initiatives to advance the industry.


The IDS Group have face to face meetings and are held twice a year, with conference calls used to progress work between physical meetings

How to Get Involved

If you would like more information on any of the Interoperability, Data specifications and Settlement Group activities, please contact  If you are interested in contributing then please contact to become a GSMA Member.  Communications including liaison statements (from external bodies) should be sent to

Pascal Dejardin

Interoperability Data Specifications and Settlement Group Chair, Orange

Elira Klosi

Interoperability Data Specifications and Settlement Group Deputy Chair, Vodafone Roaming Services S.à r.l

Carmen Kwok

Interoperability Data Specifications and Settlement Group Director, GSMA

Karola Rajoo

Assistant Working Groups Manager, GSMA