GSMA Reveals Economic Impact of Mobile in Bangladesh

GSMA Reveals Economic Impact of Mobile in Bangladesh image

Dhaka – The GSMA today revealed the positive impact of mobile in Bangladesh. It also highlights the potential for even further growth and innovation.

According to GSMA Intelligence, mobile technologies and services generated 6.2 per cent of the country’s GDP in 2015, a contribution that amounted to around US$13 billion of economic value1. In the same year, mobile operators and the ecosystem provided employment to more than 760,000 people across Bangladesh.

Bangladesh performs close to the regional averages across metrics of mobile market development, despite a lower income than neighbouring countries.

The country is above the Asian average in terms of unique subscriber market penetration at 53 per cent. While only slightly below with regard to mobile internet penetration at 33 per cent and 3G at 20 per cent of all mobile connections. So, there is the potential for further growth for mobile in Bangladesh. That is if a supportive policy environment is put in place.

Future growth for mobile in Bangladesh

GSMA Intelligence expects that the economic contribution of the mobile industry in Bangladesh will continue to increase. In value-added terms, the ecosystem will generate US$17 billion by 2020. This forecast relies on a favourable macroeconomic environment and on a moderate expansion in demand and supply in the mobile market, as the number of mobile internet users and mobile coverage both increase.

Across the globe, stakeholders are adopting more liberal regulatory approaches towards spectrum management. Spectrum-related policy choices are therefore critical to enabling investment.

These include availability of additional spectrum at reasonable prices, providing clarity on spectrum roadmap for upcoming bands like 700 MHz and remain free from restrictions on spectrum-use that limit the industry’s ability to adjust to changes in consumer preferences and technology. Realising the full potential depends on a strong partnership between government, industry and other stakeholders.

Mobile can bring the above transformation in the Bangladesh economy and society, only if the right visionary policy framework is put in place. With the upcoming auctions the time is right to make this happen.

Read the press release here: GSMA Reveals Economic Impact of Mobile in Bangladesh

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