eSIM Summit: eSIM Dismantling Myths

eSIM Summit: eSIM Dismantling Myths

Start: Wednesday 28 February 2024 12:30

End: Wednesday 28 February 2024 14:30

Venue: Gran Fira, Hall 8, Theatre 4

Location: Via Av. Joan Carles I, 64 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Barcelona

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The industry goal of maximising the number of network connections and connected devices means, among other things, prioritising the technology that will make the most impact. One such element that has been a key and consistent enabler of digital services over recent years is the eSIM. eSIM will play a crucial role achieving ubiquitous connectivity – a circumstance the market has been waiting on for over a decade. Its many advantages over the conventional plastic SIM are making it a staple feature in enterprise IoT applications, and as a result demand is soaring. Confidence on the consumer device side is also promising; research from GSMAi estimates that there will be 1 billion eSIM smartphone connections by 2025 and by 2028, over 50% of smartphone connections will use eSIM. The challenge the market now faces is ensuring this technology can be produced at scale, operates securely and meets the needs of a dynamic eSIM ecosystem characterised by a diversity of devices with various connectivity needs.

Key Items

    •  Connected devices
    • eSIM enable IoT application
    • Growth of eSIM and Debunking eSIM Myths
    • Considerations to Global IoT Deployment
    • How to Scale Security with eSIM

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Time CET Topic Speaker
  eSIM Summit Introduction
12:30 eSIM Seminar – Welcome GSMA
12:30-12:40 eSIM Market Overview Pablo Iacopino,

Head of Research and Commercial Content at GSMA Intelligence, GSMA

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Excelling with eSIM challenges in Consumer and IoT areas

Today, all eyes are on eSIM technology in the global connectivity landscape. However, the readiness to tackle the eSIM surge remains heterogeneous among stakeholders in Consumer and IoT domains.

Many myths and misconceptions about eSIM technology persist today, hindering the realization of its full potential. Mobile operators and IoT actors need to go beyond those myths to reap all the benefits brought by eSIM technology. To do so, IDEMIA Secure Transactions has compiled a few best practices to excel in the eSIM era in various areas:

  • New IoT and Consumer use cases
  • User experience
  • Operational excellence
  • Real-time eSIM profiles adaptation
  • Security at all levels
  • Etc.
Join Mikkel Escartin, VP of the Digital Solutions Business Line, to get valuable insights on how to overcome the eSIM challenges and turning them into opportunities to elevate your eSIM business.

Mikkel Escartin, VP Digital Solutions Business Line, IDEMIA Secure Transactions

Sylvain Givord, eSIM Product Manager, IDEMIA Secure Transactions


eSIM User eXperience (UX): Real-life case studies, challenges and best practices

In a global context where eSIM-enabled devices are spreading and with the progressive transition towards eSIM-only smartphones, mobile operators need to address the pressing demand for frictionless eSIM user experiences.

IDEMIA and Make it Clear have conducted a comprehensive field study examining real-world implementations of eSIM user experiences gathering insights from mobile operators’ journeys in three continents. The research analysed and tested the full user journeys offered by different mobile operators, identified the main challenges to overcome and explored strategies and best practices to enhance the eSIM onboarding experience.

Join us for an insightful discussion as Mikkel and Arya talk over the key findings of our latest study. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable perspectives on elevating eSIM user experiences and shaping the future of mobile connectivity.

Mikkel Escartin, VP Digital Solutions Business Line, IDEMIA Secure Transactions


Arya ALATSAS, Acccount Director, Make It Clear


eSIMplify your IoT business: How to unleash full potential beyond Consumer

eSIM management has already proven its value and reliability within the consumer market segment with hundreds of millions of eSIM downloads and a large variety of eSIM enabled devices.

Within this session G+D will share its experience and learnings, which provide a solid basis for the strong growth of cellular IoT. Only by understanding the needs of key stakeholders in the IoT industry can eSIM management reach its full potential.

Listen to how G+D eSIMplify the management of connectivity for IoT and how manufacturing processes gain flexibility with eSIM management.

Andreas Morawietz, Global Head of Portfolio Strategy, Giesecke+Devrient

Mastering eSIM: Why Entitlements ensure the best possible customer experience

The market for new cellular devices and innovative mobile services is constantly evolving. New consumer devices and features that were unthinkable years ago are now part of our everyday reality. One of the key features is eSIM, allowing for a fully digital experience which is today invaluable for consumers.

G+D together with its partner NetLync debate how mobile operators can prepare for an entirely eSIM ecosystem, which opens up new worlds of digital services. Given the fact that the mobile market is moving toward eSIM & eSIM-only devices, Entitlement Service (ES) and DP+ are pivotal in making this digital environment work. This session provides experience to explain how M(V)NOs can catch up and become eSIM ready, shorten time to market and offer a great user experience with the help of Entitlement Services.

Learn how an ES helps to upgrade your consumer and IoT experience, without requiring complex integrations, complicated service agreements, and an OEM partner agreement.

Andreas Morawietz, Global Head of Portfolio Strategy, Giesecke+Devrient

Gary Waite, Product Evangelist / Strategist, NetLync

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eSIM: Enhancing Connectivity for people and objects in the Digital Age

For nearly a decade, eSIM has transformed access to cellular connectivity. The road to leverage the full capabilities of eSIM is marked by ongoing efforts from connectivity service providers to reconsider their traditional models:

Innovative approaches should be embraced to stay at the forefront of the evolving connectivity landscape.

Mastering eSIM technology in Consumer and IoT requires to enhance continuity of service, and adaptability while answering customer needs

Join Thales for an insightful keynote exploring the different strategies addressing digitalization, customer reach and end user experience.

Thales will delve into streamlined subscription activation, eSIM-only devices, device change, upgrades, and repairs, unveiling the wealth of new business opportunities arising in this dynamic landscape.

Benjamin Mazet, Product Line Manager of the On-Demand Connectivity vertical. Digital Identity and Security – Thales

Sathish Karunakaran, Director of Engineering at Google – Android Connectivity


Challenges of Enterprise IoT and the role eSIM can play in

Enterprise cellular IoT users grapple with challenges due to the nature of the fragmentation and long value chain: device design & prototyping, manufacturing, shipment, ownership, and global deployment and global fleet management. The surge in globally deployed and managed devices calls for a new era of technological evolution, intensifying the need for seamless cellular connectivity within the Internet of Things (IoT). As we delve into the complexities of global connectivity orchestration and seamless fleet management across devices, the keynote address, “Challenges of Enterprise IoT and the Role eSIM Can Play in It,” aims to shed light on challenges within the enterprise IoT deployment arena. Specifically tailored for enterprises, OEMs and device owners, the keynote will unravel transformative opportunities emerging from the untapped potential of eSIM technology and how this can be the solution for enterprise IoT.

Xiaodong Guo, Head of Global Strategy & Partnership, Redtea Mobile
14:30 Closing Remark GSMA


Mikkel Escartin

VP Digital Solutions Business Line, IDEMIA Secure Transactions

As Vice President of Digital Solutions at IDEMIA Secure Transactions, Mikkel Escartin, is responsible for connectivity digital services for Mobile Operators, Automotive and IoT ecosystems, managing an international team of over 100 employees in five different continents. He is based in Malaga where he also serves as site Director of the IDEMIA Excellence Center.


With over 15 years in the telecom industry, Mikkel specializes in connectivity technology. Prior to joining IDEMIA group, his career began with the launch of the start-up Prodo, holding the role of Business Director. He was responsible for transforming the business from being a single source sub-contractor to offering dynamic services and signing Tier-1 MVNOs.

His career background also includes experience in eCommerce, IT, and banking segments.

With solid ethical convictions, Mikkel is a strong believer in fairness and of multi-cultural and gender equality.


Mikkel has a BS Degree in Business Administration from Nova Southern University in Florida.  In addition, A Master’s of International Business from the Wayne Huizenga School Of Business and Entrepreneurship (NSU) and an eCommerce Masters from the Mediterranean University of Science and Technology.


Xiaodong Guo

Head of Global Strategy & Partnership, Redtea Mobile

Mr. Xiaodong Guo currently holds the position of Head of Global Strategy & Partnership at Redtea Mobile, holding CISSP and CISA certifications, with one granted U.S. patent and over 12 years of international work experience. Previously employed at UL, a leading global safety certification company, he served as Director of Transaction Security Advisory and Head of Global Advisory Department. Guo was also a designated trainer for Global Platform, responsible for global GP specification development and training. Currently with Redtea Mobile, he oversees global market and product planning. He has represented Redtea Mobile at various global 5G and communication summits, delivering speeches to promote the company’s cloud communication infrastructure-based technical solutions in the ICT field and advocating Redtea Mobile’s mission and values as a CaaS company.


Xiaodong Guo holds a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), a Master’s in Business Administration from TIAS School for Business and Society (Netherlands), and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Science from the University of Science and Technology of China.

Benjamin Mazet

Product Line Manager of the On-Demand Connectivity vertical, Digital Identity and Security, Thales

Product Line Manager of the On-Demand Connectivity vertical, Benjamin MAZET leads the strategy & roadmap of the eSIM solution for Consumer, M2M & IOT markets at Thales.


In the past 15 years, Benjamin took the leadership on Product Management teams to develop innovative solutions for the telecommunication & IOT industries:

  • As a director of the Product Management & member of the Operational Committee in SIGFOX, to structure & extend the Product & Service Portfolio on LPWA technology with a strong focus on the Asset Tracking segment.
  • In GEMALTO, to develop value added services on mobile allowing Telecom Operators to generate during the 2000s highly profitable business on market segments without mobile data subscription.

He obtained a Master of Engineering from Ecole Catholique d’Arts et Métiers of Lyon, with a multi-disciplinary course that provided him with a broad scope of knowledge in multiple industries

Andreas Morawietz

Global Head of Portfolio Strategy, Giesecke+Devrient

Andreas is Global Head of Portfolio Strategy of G+D Mobile Security.

Within several management positions he was heading global Product Management for eSIM management and was leading G+D´s product marketing.

Andreas evangelized eSIM since beginning back in 2009 and is involved in many commercial remote eSIM management projects around the globe addressing M2M, IOT and consumer market segment.

Andreas holds an precision engineering degree and Master of Business Administration.

Gary Waite

Product Evangelist / Strategist, NetLync

Gary has been in mobile for over 30 years. Early in this career, via a start-up company, he designed what became the de facto standard SIM & Mobile test/diagnostic tool for the entire mobile industry. He worked within Telefónica group, advising on a number of technology areas on which he is expert:, including SIM, M2M/IoT, NFC and Mobile Wallet. More recently, whilst at the GSMA, Gary was instrumental in making their recently published M2M eSIM (SGP.02) technical specification the de-facto standard for the industry. He then managed the development of the equivalent consumer eSIM technical specification (SGP.22), which is implemented in most mobile devices today. Today, Gary is helping revolutionise the world of device entitlements at another start-up company, NetLync.

Pablo Iacopino

Head of Research and Commercial Content at GSMA Intelligence, GSMA

Pablo leads the Commercial Research practice at GSMA Intelligence. He drives the research agenda and themes, overseeing the production of content for a range of topics such as 5G and network transformation, telecoms and media convergence, new telco technologies, IoT and enterprise opportunities, spectrum, and the future of the digital consumer. Some of his recent research publications delved into operator revenue and services beyond connectivity, eSIM, 5G investment and opportunities, B2B strategies, and Edge Computing. Pablo is a regular speaker at industry conferences and events, with more than 35 presentations and panels per year. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the telecoms sector in different roles, including industry research, equity research and investor relations.


Account Director, Make It Clear

Arya Alatsas is the Account Director of Make it Clear, a UX/UI design agency based in London with a longstanding history of supporting telco, technology, and cybersecurity companies with brand strategy, user research and creative execution. With over a decade of experience in project and client management within the creative industries, Arya is responsible for ensuring Make it Clear’s solutions provide tangible value for organisations and their audiences, placing the end user at the heart of each project.

Prior to his role at Make it Clear, Arya established Nuffnang’s UK branch, where he led a team in managing partnerships with blue chip brands like Fiat, Tourism Thailand, Twinings Tea, AkzoNobel, and the British Red Cross.

Arya has a BSc in Government from the London School of Economics and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Chicago.

Sylvain Givord

eSIM Senior Product Manager, IDEMIA

Sylvain’s expertise spans eSIM technology, IoT security and subscription management platforms for consumer and IoT devices markets, with over 20 years of experience in the Security and Telecom industries. At IDEMIA, he is now in charge of the strategy and development of eSIM digital solutions.

Prior to joining IDEMIA, Sylvain worked in the technology ecosystem as a freelance consultant on eSIM topics, assisting prestigious clients all over the world. He also played an important role as part of the development of the eSIM story from is early stages, delivering the first GSMA certified eSIM solution for Consumer, the first solution of its kind.

Sathish Karunakaran

Director of Engineering , Google

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