About Us

About Us

Welcome to the GSMA Foundry – The Home of Mobile Innovation. We’re the go-to hub for cross-industry collaboration and business development, where GSMA members rapidly develop real-world solutions, nurture new ideas, and scale proven solutions globally to shape our digital future. 

Why Join GSMA Foundry?


  • Cross-Industry Hub: Partner with leading technology organisations in a global ecosystem. Collaborate seamlessly with operators, ecosystem partners, and innovators to drive industry advancements.
  • Tangible Projects: Focus on real, time-bound projects with GSMA’s global influence and partner resources. Achieve concrete results through your collaboration efforts.
  • Innovation Ecosystem: Join a dynamic network of innovators. Collaborate with GSMA members and industry partners to refine ideas through commercial trials and scale successful solutions regionally and globally, shaping the industry’s future.


  • Global Visibility: Elevate your projects globally, showcasing your innovations to a broader audience.
  • Innovation Leadership: Join a community that stays ahead in mobile technology, actively tracking the latest developments, and collaborates to solve real-life challenges, ensuring your projects remain at the forefront of innovation.
  • Expedited Exposure: Participate actively in events, an annual awards program, high-profile digital communications, and community discussions.

Fast-Track Projects

  • Global Exposure: Leverage our industry network to elevate your projects, gaining international recognition.
  • Innovation Hub: Stay at the forefront of mobile technology with a community that actively tracks the latest developments and collaborates to solve real-world challenges.
  • Accelerated Impact: Rapidly expose your projects to key industry stakeholders, ensuring maximum impact.

Meet The Team

Andrew Bell

Technical Director, GSMA

Dan Thomas

Director of Public Relations, Technology, GSMA

Dan is public relations lead for GSMA Foundry and Technology PR Director across the organisation. Working with international media outlets and GSMA Foundry partners, he helps promote how we are collaboratively solving industry and societal challenges through innovation.

Dan has over 20 years of experience helping build, transform and protect the reputation of telecoms and technology organisations, from start-ups and non-profits to global operators (including BT, EE and Vodafone). As a former NCTJ-qualified technology journalist, Dan has written for Dow Jones Newswires, The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal. Prior to joining the GSMA, Dan ran his own technology PR agency, helping start-ups and scale-ups tell their stories.

Emma Henderson

Marketing Manager, GSMA

Emma Henderson is the Marketing Manager for GSMA Foundry – The Home of Mobile Innovation. Prior to this role she worked for a technology start-up whose mission was to bring the world of Salesforce to recruitment. It was here that she built a marketing strategy, brand identity and team from the ground up. Prior to this Emma gained experience working at several different companies within the FMCG sector. Her responsibilities included website development, campaign management, social media management and product development. Emma holds a Bachelor’s degree in both Applied Science and Psychology.

Faisal Zia

Technical Director, GSMA

Faisal Zia is responsible for Network Economics, part of the Future Networks programme at the GSMA which is assessing innovation delivering CapEx and OpEx savings in the lead-up to the 5G era with a particular focus on energy efficiency, backhaul optimisation and new applications in infrastructure sharing.

Faisal is a project and programme specialist with extensive experience in tech and telecom commercial and technical projects which encompass emerging technology, 5G, technology strategy to new agile operating models.”

Gustavo López-Expósito

Marketing Manager, GSMA

Gustavo has over twelve years of experience in marketing, with a strong focus on digital marketing, branding and communication. He’s worked at well-known companies such as Booking.com and Imperial Tobacco and one of the world’s largest airlines LATAM.

One of his standout achievements was helping a major Dutch company expand into the Latin American market. He used his marketing know-how to make it happen smoothly. With his diverse experience and a knack for staying up to date with industry trends, Gustavo is a dynamic presence in the marketing field. He’s all about pushing boundaries, testing, making a real impact, and setting new industry standards.

Currently, at Foundry, Gustavo is working hard to make more people aware of the company through campaigns and improving the customer experience on the website. He’s also actively promoting the Foundry Excellence Awards.

Jessica Bukenya

Project Coordinator, GSMA

Jessica is the linchpin of our innovation engine, ensuring that every project unfolds seamlessly from inception to implementation. GSMA Foundry serves as the epicenter of cross-industry collaboration and business development, uniting GSMA members and industry leaders to expedite the creation of real-world solutions for the most pressing challenges in the digital landscape.

Jessica’s role is defined by her commitment to steering Foundry projects through their entire lifecycle. She orchestrates a harmonious synergy between teams across the GSMA to guarantee the smooth and efficient delivery of projects. Her responsibilities extend to overseeing internal reporting to leadership, meticulously mitigating risks, and promptly identifying and addressing any project hiccups.

In collaboration with the Foundry team, Jessica plays a pivotal role in solidifying the pipeline of new projects, ensuring that each idea has the potential to thrive and make a meaningful impact. Together with the wider team, she nurtures innovation, transforming visionary ideas into actionable solutions that resonate on both regional and global scales.

Nicola Gordon

Senior Marketing Manager, GSMA

Nicola Gordon is the marketing lead for GSMA Foundry – an initiative which brings GSMA members and industry partners together to drive forward innovation. Prior to this role, she worked as Senior Marketing Manager for the GSMA IoT Programme, working with technical teams to deliver strategic marketing plans and digital campaigns on topics including smart mobility, drones, smart cities and big data. Before joining GSMA, Nicola gained experience working with several start-ups, financial software and tech companies. Her responsibilities included project delivery, product management, internal communications and event management. Nicola holds a Bachelor’s degree in History.

Richard Cockle

Head of GSMA Foundry

Richard leads an international team developing new capabilities and revenue opportunities for the mobile sector. Most recently he lead the GSMA programme expanding the business reach of Mobile Identity services with 70 mobile operators in over 30 countries; the services are now being used by over a billion people worldwide.

With over 15 years of experience, leading vital projects in the mobile ecosystem, Richard has an exceptional understanding of the critical challenges faced by the industry. In the past, Richard led the GSMA IoT programme where he secured industry agreements to essential standards for M2M chipset design and remote SIM provisioning. These two are now widely deployed. Richard also has a wealth of experience working with governments and regulators.

In addition, Richard Cockle currently holds an advisory role with HR Tech consultancy SilverCloudHR, where he works with blue-chip companies to develop and implement their HR Tech strategies. Prior to the GSMA, Richard held several technology delivery roles in Vodafone and BT.

Victor Valles Ivovich

Finance Business Partner, GSMA

Victor brings over a decade of experience to GSMA, where he provides financial oversight across diverse lines of business. Committed to delivering robust financial support and strategic thinking, Victor helps unlock growth opportunities with a meaningful impact for mobile industry members. His unique perspective on corporate finance and entrepreneurship enables him to provide focused, flexible, and pragmatic finance guidance, fostering collaborative partnerships and building strong relationships across teams and stakeholders.

“The key benefits of being part of the GSMA Foundry are about being able to have work groups, about being able to have discussions, to be part of the industry. And of course we massively respect the GSMA for everything that they are doing and their support to us. I would absolutely recommend that anybody looking to evolve, and to work with the best people, join the GSMA Foundry. It’s been fantastic for us and I’m sure it will be just as fantastic for everyone else.”

Micky Watkins, World Mobile