Jaguar Land Rover: A journey to remember

As well as smart navigation, security tracking and high-end multimedia, Jaguar Land Rover’s connected car can pay for fuel.

In the Innovation City, Jaguar is showcasing its new luxury SUV, the F-Pace, complete with its most advanced infotainment system yet, the InControl Touch Pro. Jaguar claims it is the most advanced multimedia system Jaguar has ever offered, designed to make driving safer, smoother and more enjoyable.  It features door-to-door route planning, learning navigation, intuitive voice control and high-end multimedia.

Visitors will be able to see for themselves how this system seamlessly integrates with the smartphone. This initiative shows how The Network 2020 programme makes it easier for operators to harness the full potential of IP to deliver everything from group chat and advanced voice services to the Internet of Things and live HD video.

“Making great cars is no longer just about exciting driving dynamics, getting from zero to sixty in record time and five star safety scores,” says Peter Virk, Director of Connected Car and Future Technology at Jaguar Land Rover.

The connected car systems in question – LIVE and InControl Apps – highlight how network operators are working closely with the automotive industry to make 5G a delightful journey.

The signature application for the driving experience developer is Shell’s queue busting app, Fill Up and Go, in which drivers on a Shell garage forecourt can play for their fuel via the in-car touchscreen using either Apple Pay or PayPal.

“There’s no fuss, no fiddling about with cards, no need to lock your vehicle and enter the garage booth. This is a good example of how connected technologies can help streamline everyday experiences,” adds Virk.

LIVE is Jaguar Land Rover’s embedded web platform by which apps can inform drivers and passengers of real-time updates on every question from “Are we there yet?” to “Where did the traffic come from?”. Visitors to the Jaguar demo can see how a flight tracker triggers a pop-up notification to alert passengers of flight delays and traffic jams and can pre-emptively re-plan journeys.

Jaguar Land Rover is also showing how its smartphone integration platform InControl Apps can cater for a complete catalogue of applications, ranging from global to local, be they popular or custom designed. Visitors are invited to try using these apps through the latest in-car touch screens which should maximise functionality with minimal effort in order to make usage safer. There are 35 apps – including Spotify – to try so get there early to avoid the crowd.

See the Jaguar F-Pace with teh InControl Tour Pro at Network 2020’s stand in GSMA’s Innovation City.