Telco Edge Cloud Trials

The Telco Edge Cloud (TEC) Pre-Commercial Trials Foundry project aims to bring the industry together to collaborate around a number of pre-commercial trials of Telco Edge Cloud capabilities with app developers and service providers sponsored by the industry partners and supported by MNOs.

The potential for Independent software vendors (ISVs) is a pilot opportunity with at least two operators in a pre-commercial trial in the second half of 2021. In doing so, generate proof points and promote the benefits of using Telco Edge Cloud infrastructure to stimulate the development of a wider ecosystem. We want to find beacon use cases that are best served by TEC and share the learnings from the trials with the TEC community via the GSMA TEC Forum.

The project also aims to help in the Iteration of the Operator Platform and TEC requirements by providing results and feedback.

Foundry Project participants include:

The GSMA is coordinating the execution and promotion of Telco Edge Cloud pre-commercial trials in 2021, in its new Foundry initiative. If you are interested in joining, please email us at


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