GSMA Operator Platform Group – Southbound Interface Network Resources APIs Version 3.0

Wednesday 26 Jul 2023 | 5G | Operator Platform | Resources |

GSMA Operator Platform Group – Southbound Interface Network Resources APIs Version 3.0 image

This specification defines the APIs that an Operator Platform would use for its interaction with the core network’s capabilities on its Southbound Interface to the Network Resources. This would enable the Operator Platform among others to expose NaaS capabilities, but is also needed to support edge compute scenarios (e.g. where mobility of the end user is relevant like cases where the end user’s application session would have to be migrated to a different application server to avoid a too high latency). The APIs covered for the Southbound Interface to the network resouces are mostly exposed by 3GPP’s NEF and SCEF functions. This specification defines a baseline for the APIs that those functions are expected to support to enable the Operator Platform use cases. This new version of the specification aligns with the requirements in GSMA PRD OPG.02 v4.0 including the APIs for changing the Chargeable Party, influencing URSP rules and obtaining network analytics and clarifying that the APIs for QoS Management and Mobility Control cover the additional requirements that were included in this version of PRD OPG.02. Next to that, this new version further clarifies the use of the API that can be used to map a user’s public IP address (that could be used to identify them on various Northbound APIs), to a more permanent subscriber identifier such as their MSISDN that could then be used on other Southbound APIs. For ease of use, the Open API definition of new API is provided in this yaml file. As described in the specification, the server side of this API could be implemented in several ways.