5G Autonomous Drones

This project showcases the use of 5G drones both indoors (warehouse stock management) and outdoors (surveillance). It is a real life scenario for demonstrating the benefits of 5G, such as low latency communication across fleets of drones and high bandwidth data transfers in the form of real-time video and AI/analytics.


The project consists of deploying Unmanned Life’s orchestration platform for autonomous devices (AGV, drones, robots) via drone demo kits on the MobiledgeX Telco Edge Cloud platform deployed at Telef√≥nica in Spain.

Unmanned Life offers a software platform for integration and orchestration of different types of robots, enabling them as autonomous work forces across different use cases such as: Logistics, Industrial Surveillance, Smart Factories, Inspections & Maintenance, Surveillance, Emergency Response Operations, Public Infrastructure Inspection, Urban Traffic and Crowd Monitoring.

The project demonstrates value-add through higher quality, round-the clock inspections, as well as cost savings in equipment and menial labour hours in both use cases, and the flexibility of the solution allows a global reach across all of industry 4.0 and smart city sectors, as once the setup is applied, it is easily transferrable across any area via a simple, central interface.

Stage 1: Indoor Scenario (Warehouse Stock Management)

Most warehouses perform inventory and stock management twice a year. Generally, it involves several employees occupied for quite some time, with some level of safety concerns and it can be quite costly. Introducing autonomous vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in this specific example, help to overcome those issues.

Read the case study here

Stage 2: Outdoor Scenario (Surveillance)

For any organisation with property and land, drones could soon become essential tools. Equipped with video cameras, drones can quickly and efficiently perform a wide range of tasks, such as inspecting damage and checking for security breaches.

Read the case study here

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