5G-Connected Drones Promise Better Security

Liberty Global, Unmanned Life and Amazon Web Services (AWS) test 5G-enabled surveillance solution at the Port of Antwerp

A cutting-edge drone-based system has emerged, leveraging the power of 5G connectivity, edge computing, and artificial intelligence to revolutionise surveillance practices. This innovative technology not only facilitates quicker and more adaptable surveillance but also promises cost reductions. Notably, the system boasts the capability to autonomously detect any unauthorised entries at a monitored site. Thanks to network slicing, multiple drones can maintain a high-quality connection throughout their flights. Impressively, test results reveal that the system achieves an application-level latency of 20-50 milliseconds between the edge and the drone. The system has already garnered interest from various sectors in the UK, Netherlands, and Belgium, including ports, power and utilities, construction, and more, signalling its potential for widespread adoption.

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