Enterprise Authentication for Financial Mobile Apps

As the use of mobile devices widens in daily life, so does the use of financial applications, such as JazzCash in Pakistan. Financial service applications require a high level of security, and a user must be authenticated before accessing the service. Currently most financial services rely on SMS for authentication, but this can be hijacked, and the PIN can be obtained by a bad actor.


This project is testing the technical feasibility of providing a seamless authentication of a user, without human intervention by leveraging the features of mobile network. The proof of concept will look to establish ways to reduce the need for customer intervention, improve the user experience, and remove the risk of fraud due to PIN hijack.

The technical feasibility will be tested against two Jazz applications, the JazzWorld App for customer relationship management and the JazzCash app for mobile financial services. Success will be measured on whether authentication is possible using a combination of only network parameters seamlessly verified together. These combinations may include MSISDN, IMEI and IP assigned to user for data session.

Project Resources