GSMA Foundry Excellence Award Winners 2023

The annual GSMA Foundry Excellence Awards provide us with an opportunity to recognise some of the most innovative and significant projects completed in the last 12 months. In 2023 we identified five projects which met the judging criteria as well as each showcasing their own individual attributes and achievements. Congratulations to everyone involved! View the video here.


5G-Advanced, as part of 3GPP Release 18 in 2024, is the next milestone in the 5G Era. 5G-Advanced brings in new wireless technology innovations strengthening the 5G system foundation including improving speed, maximizing coverage, enhancing mobility and power efficiency.

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5G Catalonia

This project focuses on promoting digital transformation in Barcelona and its metropolitan area. It includes seven use cases to develop solutions in urban mobility, remote education, the industrial sector, remote shopping, audiovisual transmission, security management and emergencies in the urban environment. and the construction of a multi-operator neutral network aimed at offering connectivity in areas with high seasonal occupancy, such as the beaches of the Barcelona coast.

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5G – Enabling Enterprise Drones to Fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Drones are today being deployed across multiple use cases like environmental and field inspections, precision farming, delivering lifesaving supplies or acting as first responders in accidents. We know if we can overcome the challenges to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight, drones can help us build a sustainable tomorrow. The project shall help the drone ecosystem and global stakeholders to develop common guidelines and for regulators to consider similar rules.

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Know it all

Your experience of mobile connectivity can be highly dependent on exactly where you are. Buildings, walls and even foliage can interfere with radio signals. In an urban environment or inside a building, moving just 50 metres can dramatically change the quality of your mobile connection for better or for worse.

To get a much more granular view of their customers’ experiences, several mobile operators have deployed a new visualisation and analytics tool from P.I. Works that can pinpoint a customer’s location to within 30 metres, while tracking signal strength, both indoors and outdoors.

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Smart Agri – Automated Farming Solutions

ZTE and China Mobile have developed a 5G-enabled farm management solution that is designed to use water, fertilizer, fuel and seeds as efficiently as possible, while dramatically lowering labour costs. The solution brings together a smart irrigation system that optimises the supply of water, remote control of farm vehicles and 5G-connected drones that can monitor the health of the crops. A worker located in the farmhouse can use the 5G connectivity to remotely control between three and five machines simultaneously, significantly boosting productivity.

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