MWC Barcelona 2024 – GSMA Foundry Innovation Showcase

MWC Barcelona 2024 – GSMA Foundry Innovation Showcase

Start: Monday 26 February 2024 09:00

End: Thursday 29 February 2024 19:00

The next edition of MWC Barcelona will be back in February 2024!

We will be exhibiting the latest, greatest Foundry projects on the Innovation Showcase in on the GSMA Pavilion in Hall 4 including:


4D Fitness Agility Training with Action Replay

4D Replay and BeWhere
Experience the latest 4D agility trainer, keep and share every moment with a 360 velfie.
BeWhere’s 4D fitness trainer is fitted with the latest 5G Mobile IoT sensors sending every move instantly to our agility meter. Every move is captured for you to keep and share with 4D Replay latest sports stadium 360 video cameras. Prizes for the most agile and original moves.

A Journey Through Space to Experience the Future of Connectivity 

European Space Agency

The European Space Agency (ESA) is dedicated to the peaceful exploration and utilization of space for the collective benefit of humanity. In alignment with its mission, ESA plays a pivotal role in steering industry standards, particularly in the integration of 5G Terrestrial and Non-Terrestrial Networks (TN-NTN). This focus aims to achieve seamless and ubiquitous connectivity on a global scale.


As partners of GSMA Foundry, ESA will showcase some of its most captivating projects at the GSMA Pavilion. Attendees have the opportunity to delve into the world of NTN technologies, with interactive features such as mixed reality experiences and virtual tours of the 5G/6G Hub, accessible through the metaverse. Additionally, space experts will be present on-site to engage with visitors. This promises to be an unparalleled experience, providing valuable insights into ESA’s Satellite Telecommunications initiatives and driving NTN activities in Europe. Don’t miss the chance to explore the cutting-edge advancements shaping the future of connectivity


5G New Calling – New Experiences and Capabilities


New Calling is based on the VoLTE/VoNR fundamental network. Besides the existing voice and video channels, the introduction of Data Channel enables brand-new calling experience. The New Calling demo showcases several services such as: Real-time Voice Driven Avatar, Fun Calling, Real-ime Translation, Interactive Menu, Auto Transcription and more. New Calling allows individual users to express personality and empower enterprise users to close business loop in one-click.


Autonomous Drones with AI

Unmanned Life

Unmanned Life is demonstrating an autonomous, network-enabled indoor drone flight with AI computer vision analytics for person detection on a real-time stream, displayed on a user interface. This represents a small-scale simulation of U-Security, Unmanned Life’s product for autonomous drone fleets operating over 5G networks and enhanced by AI computer vision at the edge, which is already being deployed for multi-nationals across ports, critical infrastructure facilities, construction sites, and more.

The demonstration adds a simulated activation of the Open Gateways Quality on Demand API, leveraging AWS’s marketplace for Telco APIs.

Enterprise use-cases of 5G New Calling

WIT Software 

The demos will include use-cases like: Verified Caller ID, Branded calls, in-call Campaigns, Avatar calling, in-call Customer Surveys, new calling Mini-Apps, digital IVR and the demo of a Communications Portal for 5G-NC and a Mini-Apps platform for new calling.


Connecting the Unconnected with Aerostats

World Mobile

Last year in Mozambique, World Mobile launched Africa’s first commercial telecommunications aerostat, with life changing results. Meet the team on the GSMA Pavilion at MWC to learn more about bringing cellular connectivity to rural areas, the feasibility of mounting cellular base stations on aerostats, and hear about the initiatives they are currently launching in the US. 


Cloud Native Private 5G Solutions


CloudRAN.AI is set to demonstrate its cutting-edge CloudNative Private 5G solution, engineered for effortless deployment, seamless scalability, and adaptability to support edge services. Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure, ensuring carrier-grade performance through advanced features such as MU-MIMO and CoMP.

CRAI offers Private-5G-as-a-Service, enabling streamlined deployment of mobile connectivity centrally orchestrated from the public cloud. As a managed service, CRAI also provides an API Gateway exposing all designed 5G RAN APIs. This holistic approach embodies our commitment to delivering a “Seamless Service, Invisible Presence” Private 5G experience.


Bridging the AI Adoption Gap

GSMA Foundry & IBM

The GSMA Foundry and IBM are collaborating to support the adoption and skills of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the telecom industry, including a new opportunity which provides GSMA members with access to IBM’s watsonx. This platform is intended to help telecom industry players explore innovative industry-specific use cases of Generative AI, enabling members to improve cost leadership, revenue growth and enhance customer experience.