Reallocating RAN Capacity in Real-Time

Reallocating RAN Capacity in Real-Time image

Unlike its predecessors, 5G is designed to support a very wide variety of business and consumer use cases and applications. That means different users can have very different requirements in terms of throughput, responsiveness and reliability.

To avoid providing too many resources to one user, and too few resources to another, mobile operators need a way to intelligently allocate radio capacity in real-time. To that end, ZTE is harnessing artificial intelligence (AI).

It has developed a solution, called RAN Composer, which uses intelligent traffic pattern analysis and learning to help orchestrate network resources on the fly.

The AI analyses in real time the loads on each frequency layer in each cell of the network, together with the capabilities of the local network, the connected devices in the cell and what they are being used for: Is the device downloading content, browsing the web or making a video call?

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