Shenzhen Connected Devices Open Day

Shenzhen Connected Devices Open Day

开始日期: 2023年06月8日 13:00

结束日期: 2023年06月8日 19:00

地点: Deloitte Greater Bay Area Centre

地点: Shenzhen, Greater China

We welcome members of the connected devices manufacturing ecosystem to join the GSMA and other industry hosts at this half day event that will cover many aspects of mobile connectivity & device functionality.

The event will comprise a series of short presentations, technical in nature, so the Shenzhen manufacturing community is aware of the latest work topics the GSMA and its members are tackling to ensure best practice 5G device implementation.   We encourage connected device manufacturers to share in advance new devices being planned with 5G connectivity. These new device types might be cameras, helmets, glasses, walkie-talkies, cars, drones, boats, robots, life buoys or ambulances.  The GSMA would like to recognise the innovation being driven by Shenzhen’s manufacturing community.

During this event you will hear from industry leaders including China Telecom, China Unicom, Deloitte, GSMA, Honor, Huawei and Samsung.

We invite you to stay after the event for networking and drinks.

Please note, due to venue capacity we kindly request only 2 persons from each manufacturing organisation.