July 21st, 2020. Today, Brightsight becomes an official GSMA member. GSMA, the Global System for Mobile Communications Association, represents its members via industry programs, working groups and industry advocacy initiatives. By entering the GSMA, Brightsight has become part of a mobile and digital ecosystem, in collaboration with more than 750 network operators, vendors and suppliers worldwide.

Brightsight is a proud member of the GSMA community and looking forward to contribute with all its members, to pragmatically address security evaluations for meeting the compliance, risk management and security visibility requirements from the equipment manufactures.

With fast moving technologies, growing complexity, regulatory demands and an increasing demand for consumer protection, the GSMA group plays a key role facilitating the industry with the balanced approached required to ensure effectiveness and acceptance by the wider mobile industry.

Industries like Energy, Industrial, Automotive and Telecommunications are particularly active in IT security. This makes sense considering the deployment of new technologies like IoT, with its potential reach of one trillion deployed devices within a few years. Whether the IoT device delivers a service, collects data, or both, all this information needs to be transported.

The mobile industry plays an important role here, assuring the secure transfer of a large amount of data for feeding and delivering trusted services to users. On that regard, the standardization is key for the industry.

“Operating networks and services securely, and the assurance of that security is critically important to users and operators. It is great news that Brightsight laboratories, a worldwide leader in security evaluations and certifications has decided to join GSMA to participate in the GSMA’s eSIM security assurance services and also to benefit from the wider benefits of GSMA membership”, said Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA.

“With technologies like IoT generating vast amounts of data, and AI ready to make sense of it, the missing link is the connectivity. 5G and the rest of the mobile network communications plays a key role in the future of our societies”, says Carlos Serratos, Senior Director Strategy, Policy and Advocacy at Brightsight. “Assessing the security implementation as a risk base approach is critical, and GSMA provides the right forum for the mobile community addressing those challenges, turning them into opportunities.”

Brightsight is the number one independent security lab in the world. With over 35 years of experience evaluating IT products against a variety of security requirements, Brightsight is the preferred business and advisory partner for certification and security evaluations of Smartcards, ICs, HSMs, System on Chip, Payment terminals, Smartmeters, Mobile Payment, IoT, Automotive and Biometric solutions. With offices in the Netherlands, Spain and China, Brightsight helps customers reaching their business goals with state-of-the-art technical capability and up-to-date certification knowledge in different regions and applications.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article/press release are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the approved policy or position of the GSMA or its subsidiaries.

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