Thursday May 11, 2023

Globe Teleservices Pte. Ltd. & Kalaam Carrier Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

Singapore, 10th May, 2023 – Globe Teleservices (GTS) and Kalaam Carrier Solutions (KCS) have joined forces to create a global strategic partnership that combines GTS’s cutting-edge Managed Services with Kalaam Carrier Solutions’ innovative digital solutions and telecom carrier services. This partnership will bring together managed connectivity enhancements and international messaging solutions to enhance Kalaam’s CPaaS strategy to support clients through successful digital transformation and enhance global communications to scale. With technology playing a vital role in every aspect of business, the GTS-Kalaam Carrier Solutions partnership recognizes the need to accelerate digital transformation and remain competitive in the industry.

“The collaboration is a remarkable endeavor whereby Kalaam Carrier Solutions  cutting-edge digital solutions is uniquely complimented by GTS’s next-generation consumer-centric product portfolios and managed services. We believe that this partnership will help drive major business impact for our clients and empower seamless connectivity worldwide,” – Ashutosh Agrawal, CMD of Globe Teleservices Ltd.

Veer Arjun Passi, CEO Kalaam Telecom Group further shared- “Our partnership with Globe Teleservices will enable us to drive our CPaaS strategy that enable our clients with the highest quality global messaging routes and direct interconnects. GTS has direct integrations in over 25 countries, paired with Kalaam Carrier Solutions’ 53 Points of Presence covering 90% countries in the GCC region will help realize the full potential of global connectivity and put our clients on a better road to a successful digital transformation.”

The partnership aims to provide next-gen tech and connectivity solutions together and be the step forward to transformative change on a global scale for businesses, and also address the different challenges and needs of evolving markets.

About Globe Teleservices:

Globe Teleservices is a next-gen niche technology company that focuses on developing products and solutions that empower businesses with seamless connectivity on a global scale. GTS pushes boundaries and provides access to high-quality, secure, and reliable routes with direct interconnects and diverse product portfolio offerings. Featuring links with ILD operators across 65 countries and uninterrupted worldwide connectivity, Globe Teleservices is a pioneer in the areas of premium voice, omnichannel messaging, anti-fraud, Cloud Connect, and A2P monetization. The company is headquartered in Singapore and has a global presence with centers in UAE, India, UK, USA, Europe, Hong Kong, Serbia, and many other regions.

About Kalaam Telecom Group:

Kalaam Telecom is a trusted industry leader and a global provider of digital solutions. The organization has decades of professional experience in telecom and voice messaging and principally serves Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. Kalaam’s portfolio of cutting-edge digital solutions span across industries and verticals across the region, including BFSI, education, government, hospitality, healthcare, retail and more. Kalaam is well recognized for its agile and wholesale business management solutions, and holds an interest in the Europe-India Gateway Undersea Cable (EIG) system as part of a partnership.

Pioneer of various ISP solutions and with a vast worldwide network that serves international and regional telecom companies distinctively. The organization is currently focused on growing its business footprints while maintaining client success.



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