iONLINE & Workz introduce sustainable hybrid eSIM for improved business connectivity

14 March 2024, Dubai: iONLINE, a global IoT connectivity solutions provider, has partnered with eSIM specialist Workz to help businesses tackle connectivity challenges and the growing demand for sustainability. The collaboration has created an advanced hybrid eSIM solution that offers remote online and offline network switching capabilities.

Companies face several challenges when managing connected assets on the move, including being hit by expensive roaming charges when moving outside of subscribed coverage zones and losing signal in weak or low coverage areas, leading to decreased visibility of devices and leaving businesses unable to perform critical tasks. Additionally, managing these changes requires dedicated resources, potentially straining operational efficiency.

The solution helps businesses lower running costs and avoid service disruption by automating network switching as conditions change. The eSIM component also enables on-demand network selection, freeing companies from being locked into the network options assigned to the SIM at manufacture.

The offering also provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional SIMs, with custom-sized modules that use 50% less plastic and rewritable eSIM technology that allows remote network updates and eliminates the need for any physical replacement of the card.

Through its global, private network, iONLINE provides secure, high-speed connectivity in 189 plus countries across more than 700 carrier networks. FlexiSIM™ is the result of iONLINE’s partnership with Workz, which launched the first cloud eSIM platform and now hosts over 100 telcos worldwide. It launched in South Africa and the United Kingdom in 2023 and is due to be released in the United States later this year.

Companies benefitting from the solution include Fujifilm, AIoTSense, BrightBlue, Trellis Works, Online Direct, and Amber Group. Fidelity ADT, the largest security services provider to medium and large-scale enterprises in South Africa, utilises thousands of FlexiSIM™ cards to stay connected daily to protect infrastructure, including airports, government, health and education departments, hospitality venues, casinos, shopping centres, and residential estates.

David Farquharson, CEO of iONLINE, said he approached several SIM manufacturers when first investigating options but that none brought the flexibility he wanted for the product.

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“Workz was uniquely positioned to help us develop customised solutions to meet our clients’ needs, and in them we found a supplier and like-minded ally to achieve our global IoT vision. Workz’s dedication, innovation and collaborative spirit resonate deeply with our values at iONLINE. Their SIMs are manufactured on site with sustainability front of mind, ensuring minimal environmental impact.”

Workz CSO Robert Varty added, “We enjoyed working on this project with iONLINE. Their willingness to utilise new technology encouraged us to push the boundaries. It’s been great to see how companies leverage our technology to protect their assets, react quicker to situations, and gain greater visibility of their business. This partnership provides a springboard for us both as we continue to help businesses gain a competitive advantage from IoT.”

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Notes to the editor
Citing the “Honeywell Environmental Sustainability Index,” Forbes reports that the environment is top of mind with 65% of businesses, as they recognise their place in addressing climate change and moving away from conventional products to eco-friendly alternatives as awareness about climate change grows. Although small in size, SIM cards are produced in surprisingly high numbers annually, with ABI Research estimating around 4.45 billion shipped globally in 2022. 20,000 tonnes of plastic is used in manufacturing, and approximately 85% of the plastic card is discarded before the SIM is even used. Workz has helped reduce mobile network operators’ (MNO) CO2 footprint by up to 92% by optimising their SIM cards and packaging by reducing plastic use and conducting supply chain analysis.

“MNOs need planet-safe solutions to achieve their environmentally-friendly objectives and maintain consumers who are more environmentally aware than ever. We’re delighted to be able to provide more sustainable alternatives to the traditional SIM that can make a real difference for network operators and their environmental footprint,” said Richelle Wiley, Workz’s COO.

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About Workz 
Workz is a dynamic subscriber solutions provider that delivers a full suite of intelligent, future-proof eSIM & SIM solutions from hardware to software and over-the-air subscriber management services. Since 1997, the company has managed billions of connections across five continents for some of the world’s most renowned brands. It has been consistently recognised by various market commentators as one of the leading names in telecoms and one of only five providers worldwide to be certified by the GSMA to manage the complete eSIM lifecycle from production to subscription management across the consumer and M2M/IoT markets. Workz is also the world’s largest manufacturer of telecom (SIM and prepaid) cards.


About iONLINE:

iONLINE is a leading connectivity provider that delivers cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses around the world. iONLINE’s flagship product is its multi-network-resilient global IoT connectivity solution, FlexiSIM™, which connects in 189+ countries, on over 700 carriers. With offices in South Africa, the UK, the USA and Australia, iONLINE is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that its clients remain connected in a constantly changing world. Furthermore, iONLINE is committed to promoting positive change for both society and the environment, reflecting its dedication to corporate social responsibility. 

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