Mobile Operators Get Unparalleled Data Roaming Insight, With Aicent’s New Roaming Intelligence LTE Edition

New roaming intelligence features enhance LTE roaming experience by dynamically monitoring the end-to-end roaming process

San Jose, CA – August 14, 2013 – Aicent, a leading provider of mobile data network services and solutions for global mobile operators, today announced the release of its Roaming Intelligence Suite (RIS) LTE Edition supporting both LTE Diameter signaling and IPX Transport. With Aicent’s RIS, LTE Edition’s powerful real-time monitoring and deep packet inspection capabilities, mobile operators can better monitor the end-to-end roaming process and proactively react to and troubleshoot potential issues, ensuring an improved subscriber LTE roaming experience.


With the enormous growth of LTE, mobile operators are now tasked with having to support increased data demands while maintaining high levels of quality. Designed specifically for mobile operators offering LTE roaming, Aicent’sRIS, LTE Edition provides an extensive range of detailed roaming management reports designed to identify potential business opportunities and roaming issues. The LTE edition is comprised of two feature sets designed to offer mobile operators RIS support for Diameter signaling and LTE bearer transport:

RIS, Diameter Signaling Edition: Provided on top of Aicent’s Diameter Signaling Service, supports all Diameter signaling management by capturing information for real-time troubleshooting and reporting purposes while providing various Diameter signaling reports to let operators track the dynamics of Diameter signaling with their roaming partners.

RIS, IPX Transport Edition: Provided on top of Aicent’s IPX Transport for LTE data bearer transport, RIS, IPX Transport Edition looks into GTP traffic, analyzing packets for data roaming bearer management troubleshooting while developing content for comprehensive reporting and business intelligence.

Aicent’s RIS, LTE Edition Advantages:

  • Ensures LTE roaming quality
  • Powerful deep packet inspection technology captures and presents critical roaming session information
  • Troubleshoots data roaming issues between roaming partners
  • Improves subscriber satisfaction and maximizes profitability by protecting roaming revenues

Supporting Quotes:

Zidan Lian, Director of Product Management, Aicent, Inc. “With continued growth of LTE, and the surge of data signaling along with the increase in GTP bearer activities, it is becoming increasingly more imperative for mobile operators to get a better understanding of potential data issues their subscribers may encounter while roaming. This new update to our RIS solution gives operators unprecedented visibility into an LTE subscriber’s roaming issues allowing them to quickly identify and resolve network issues improving customer satisfaction.”

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About Aicent Serving more than three billion mobile users around the world, Aicent, Inc., a TL 9000 certified organization, is a leading IPX provider of data network services and solutions for global mobile operators. To enable interoperability between Aicent customers and other networks, Aicent operates one of the largest mobile IPX network exchanges connecting to over 200 operators, including ten of the worlds’ largest. Through extensive peering arrangements, the Aicent network reaches nearly all 3G and 4G LTE operators around the world. The company’s global IPX network operates an integrated mobile messaging exchange, value added data roaming and global reach infrastructure services, including the world’s first and largest multimedia messaging exchange, designed to help carriers maximize revenue opportunities. For more information, visit

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