Tuesday June 2, 2020

Mondia Launches New Business Vertical to Help Companies Capitalise on Digital Customer Loyalty & Experience

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1 June 2020: Mondia, a leading technology company specialising in the marketing and distribution of digital content, announced that it is diversifying its business model by launching a new enterprise vertical to help companies capitalise on the digital relationships they have with their customers.

The newly created enterprise business is designed to help brands strengthen the relationship with their existing customers and facilitate the acquisition of new ones by understanding their digital needs and adapting to their rapidly changing online behavior. According to a Hootsuite and We Are Social’s  2019 digital report, consumers are spending on average almost seven hours online daily, half of which is on mobile devices. Mondia’s extensive experience in the digital space makes it the ideal partner for brands who are looking to improve their online customer experience, to achieve higher customer retention and optimise new customer acquisitions.

“The current business environment has pushed companies to further digitise their operations and we are seeing brands increasingly looking for unique ways to strengthen the relationship with their online audiences,” said Amadeo Rahmann, Chief Executive Officer of Mondia. “With the decline of physical retail and consumers spending more time online, customer retention and experience will be new battleground for every brand.”

Given the state of the current economy, where new revenue is harder to come by, business priorities will shift to preserving and maximising existing customer relationships. This also makes business sense given the success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is only between 5-20% (Outbound Engine).

Mondia’s new enterprise business vertical recently signed a deal with a leading international security solutions company. As part of the agreement, Mondia is developing a dedicated digital wellness platform for the company’s customers. The security company wanted to nurture the relationship with its customers, even when they are not directly interacting with them through their standard services. As the company’s main business is to protect customer properties while they out of their home, they tapped into Mondia’s digital capabilities to engage with them through wellness while, given COVID restrictions, they spend most of their time at home.

As an industry leader in providing consumers with latest digital content -from health, entertainment, lifestyle, gaming, music to sports- Mondia will work with its enterprise customers to build customised experiences that deliver unique global and local content from brands like Sony Music, Universal Music, Disney, Warner, and EA to name a few.

“This launch represents a significant shift in strategy for Mondia and we expect the enterprise business to grow exponentially annually, with 60% of the revenue coming from Europe and 40% from the MENA region and with the potential to rapidly expand in other territories as well” said Paolo Rizzardini, Mondia’s Chief Commercial Officer. “As a first step, we will actively target companies in the banking, transportation and hospitality industries in advanced digital markets and we expect video-on-demand, TV shows, movie streaming, gaming and educational content to be the most in-demand services.”

Mondia’s initial target markets In the Middle East will be the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia while in Europe, the company will focus on the Spanish, Italian, French and German markets.


About Mondia (mondia.com)

Mondia is a leading technology company which specialises in the marketing and distribution of digital content. We understand where the markets are going, where tech fits and use that knowledge to solve business challenges and deliver the best user experiences. Mondia creates personalised digital experiences for people by providing them with the best and latest digital content anywhere, anytime; from health, entertainment, lifestyle, gaming, music to sports. We help enterprise customers grow their user engagement and maximise their monetisation potential through payment connectivity, customer acquisition and life cycle management services. With nine offices across Europe, Middle East and Africa, Mondia reaches over 1.3bn end-users across 48 countries. The company works with more than 80 telco operators around the world, over 1,000 content providers and 200 merchants. Learn more: www.mondia.com


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