Thursday March 16, 2023

New product by AB Handshake guards your network against fraudulent calls

According to Europol, telecom fraud is a major problem for the telecommunications industry.

Telecom fraud reaches into the billions of dollars, with approximately USD 39.89 billion in total global telecom revenue losses in 2021.

For any telecom operator in the world today, implementing an anti-fraud solution for their network that can go toe-to-toe with threats is an absolute necessity. Finding such a product takes work. Existing anti-fraud solutions do not always protect against all types of fraud, are late with alerts about fraud, or block a larger range of numbers than needed, negatively impacting the operator’s revenue. 

AB Handshake case studies have found that the widespread practice of blocking calls from only one side (either the calling or receiving range of numbers) also blocks legitimate calls that occur during an attack. This evidence means blocking all traffic to or from suspicious ranges is ineffective, as it stops legitimate voice traffic, reduces company revenue, and leads to customer complaints.

So what would be the perfect solution to stop fraud in a way that doesn’t harm your income and reputation? 

Fraud Radar

As a response to the complex problem of telecoms fraud, AB Handshake has released Fraud Radar, which combines the modern approach of collective intelligence, an AI engine by AI Shield, and the ease of API integration and simple management from the client’s side. 

How does it differ from other anti-fraud solutions? 

  • Fraud Radar brings a new method for combating fraud to the market. Fraud Radar grants access to cloud-based global data on all fraud attacks detected by AB Handshake via a real-time API and downloadable reports. The customer then uses the received data to block/unblock the ranges specified in the reports/API alerts in their network or sets a separate monitoring policy for these ranges. This exclusive data set allows the operator to use fraud cases in external networks for their protection by blocking these ranges and improving overall security procedures.


  • Fraud Radar identifies types of fraud attacks, detects the involved A and B number ranges, and informs the operators internal systems about the start and end of an attack via a simple API.


  • AB Handshake’s technical background makes its products a step ahead in the industry. The AB Handshake expert team has been applying the approach used in Fraud Radar for over 10 years, and its system processes over 174 million call attempts daily. The massive databases the company works with and the long time frames of operation make its products highly accurate in their operation and results.

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About AB Handshake

AB Handshake is a global voice and SMS traffic protection technology company established by a team of telecom professionals with decades of expertise. The AB Handshake system ensures full fraud prevention in all key fraud scenarios. The technological achievements of AB Handshake are frequently recognized with the most prestigious industry awards, the most recent of which was “Next Gen Telecom Fraud Protection” by Global Infosec Awards 2022.

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