PROTEI launches a new DPI platform in Niger

PROTEI and GABS Telecommunications, a System integrator in Malaysia, have jointly completed a network modernization contract for Niger Telecom.  Niger Telecom, the state-owned company established in 2016 as a result of the merger of two local carriers, aims to take business services to the next level, and to meet challenges raised by the convergence of services of growing local telecoms carriers.  The project is also intended to expand the portfolio of services provided by Niger Telecom, hence the need for an advanced platform for analyzing and managing data traffic. The commissioned DPI platform developed by PROTEI provides the optimal solution in terms of both functionality and performance, and was implemented in partnership with GABS Telecommunications, a well-established solutions provider for Niger Telecom.

PROTEI and GABS Telecommunications engineers completed all preliminary installation procedures, configurations, as well preliminary acceptance tests in May 2019 at the operator’s site in Niamey. The integration which was carried out in stages, presented significant challenges in view of the need to integrate diverse access networks and network elements from multi-vendor platforms, while ensuring minimal downtime and risks during migration.  Niger Telecoms and GABS Telecommunications engineers worked jointly on-site to implement the solution with live remote support provided by PROTEI experts during all stages.  This presented a perfect example of effective international teamwork under well-known conditions of today.


PROTEI DPI integrated with Broadband Access Equipment (BRAS) and Mobile Network Core (EPC) allow the operator to receive detailed information on traffic structures through all segments of the network with details up to level 7 of the OSI model, and to provide service awareness and deep in-sight traffic views. Such capabilities have already presented new opportunities to Niger Telecoms to optimize bandwidth distribution between subscribers, and to improve quality of service (QoS) during busy hours. Moreover, and as a result to DPI integration with OCS, the operator was able to introduce new updated tariffs and service options to increase profitability.


PROTEI-DPI is a data traffic processing platform supported by deep packet inspection capabilities, allowing to efficiently manage utilization of network resources, and to implement new value-generating services.  PROTEI-DPI is an advanced software solution which requires no proprietary hardware. The platform significantly optimizes data services provisioning and provides numerous additional services.  Embedded monitoring and statistics system features allow clear monitoring of volume and traffic structures, and to QoS perception by subscribers.  PROTEI DPI solutions have been commissioned in fixed and mobile broadband networks worldwide in over 15 countries, and for over 7 years.  Each of the commissioned network solutions has delivered improvements in network functionality, and in implementing innovative services for operators.


As a result, Niger Telecom was able to deliver needed services to the market right away.  PROTEI, GABS Telecommunications, and Niger Telecoms joint-project completed in 2020 is flagged as a success by all parties involved including local operators.  As suppliers of solutions, both PROTEI and GABS provide unique experience in integrating heterogeneous networks, and in setting-up interactions to organize unified platforms for package services and tariffing.



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