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IVT Communications FZE LLC’s recent announcement introducing afina, a data monetization platform, is impressive and forward-thinking. The launch positions afina as a game-changer in the telecom industry, providing a revolutionary impact on telecom operators’ revenues and serving as the solution that solves the operators’ challenge to enter the advertising market.

afina stands out from the crowd thanks to its advanced machine learning algorithms. This ensures that it can provide incredibly precise promotions tailored to each individual subscriber. This focus on personalized advertising aligns with the industry’s increasing reliance on data-driven strategies.

What sets afina apart even more is its commitment to fully monetize subscriber databases available to telecom. In an environment where annual advertiser budget growth exceeds 20%, this becomes especially appealing. Not only that, but afina goes the extra mile by offering free launch and taking care of 90% of the setup process. This shows just how user-friendly and convenient their approach really is.

afina has rapid market launch capabilities, which means that telecom operators can quickly capitalize on new opportunities. It helps operators refine their promotional strategies by providing proprietary modules for hypothesis testing.

Co-founder Rostislav Ringer says that afina empowers operators to maximize revenues while offering subscribers promotions that genuinely resonate.

The platform’s features, including transparent financial reporting, data-driven advertising, and a guided process for seamless integration, showcase afina’s commitment to providing operators with a competitive edge. It’s a vital asset for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) as they navigate the dynamic telecom landscape.

afina’s features include:

ML-based monetization: utilizing machine learning algorithms, afina delivers highly targeted promotions, boosting ARPU by up to 5%.
Rapid market launch: the platform facilitates swift deployment, allowing telecom operators to capitalize on new opportunities promptly.
Proprietary modules for hypothesis testing: exclusive modules assist operators in testing hypotheses and refining promotional strategies.
Guided process: operators are seamlessly guided throughout the entire integration process.
Transparent financial reporting: afina provides comprehensive financial reporting, offering operators valuable insights into the success of their promotional campaigns.

The platform’s innovative features, commitment to data-driven strategies, and potential for significant revenue growth make it a formidable player in the market.

For further details on afina and its transformative capabilities, interested parties can visit afina’s official website.

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