stc employs its resources to empower 479 charities through more than 1,300 digital services

stc employs its resources to empower 479 charities through more than 1,300 digital services image

Riyadh, 8 December 2022: stc Group, the regional digital enabler, carries on its efforts towards sustainability, within its leading role to reinforce charitable community organizations and the non-profit sector. stc constantly seeks to achieve a positive impact on the future, through sustainable economic values, while doubling the environmental positive outcomes. It also pursues to emphasize its role as the most prominent digital enabler in the Kingdom and the region.
stc Group’s sustainability strategy focused on investing in its digital capabilities by providing various solutions and platforms. The group has employed its efforts, to digitize administrative, financial, and operational businesses in the government and private sectors, as well as to empower Non-Government Organizations. It also aimed at achieving outstanding results, which were highlighted in the second sustainability 2021 report.
stc Group launched its sustainability platform, through its strong digital infrastructure and vast capabilities, to enable the various sectors and contribute to the digital transformation in the Kingdom. The platform provided three main services to keep up the group’s strategic goals, including volunteer program services, technical empowerment, and knowledge exchange, in support of sustainable development, enriching the lives and experiences of the society, and stimulating innovative digital opportunities. It has also devoted its resources to empowering the non-profit sector, as the group supports and empowers organizations in the non-profit sector through its specialized human calibers, in addition to digital empowerment of these organizations by providing integrated packages of advanced technical solutions that contribute to the digitization of all administrative, financial and operational work of the organizations.
Through its sustainability Platform, specifically, the Technical Empowerment Program, which was launched in 2021, stc Group has empowered non-profit organizations and charities through digital solutions that are usually expensive. This has helped organizations to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and raise their outreach and impact. The program provided 11 solutions aiming at serving non-profit organizations, and since its launch, it was able to serve 479 charities and non-profit organizations. It provided them with 1338 technical services across 48 cities around the Kingdom. The number of beneficiaries of these services reached more than 10 million. The technology that stc Group extended to NGOs, contributed to the support of more than 34,000 employees of these associations.
stc is implementing its volunteering program which is linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Accordingly, the group collaborated with non-profit organizations and charities and participated in more than 600 volunteering opportunities over the sustainability platform, to improve employees’ engagement and well-being in the workplace and instill a culture of giving.



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