Tuesday September 15, 2020

ZephyrTel: 2020 and beyond

Our CEO, Michael Speranza, outlines ZephyrTel’s long-term vision, helping customers to succeed with public cloud Telco solutions

2020 has been a year of massive change for us all, and this is no different for ZephyrTel. We’re definitely not standing still, and we’d like to share with you our vision not just for ZephyrTel, but for our customers, too.

ZephyrTel’s vision is to harness the power of end-to-end public cloud solutions and revolutionise the cost equation for the Telco industry. With over 300 customers across the globe, we’re the industry leader in migrating communications service providers to the public cloud and enabling each and every one to drive innovation and performance.

Harness the power of the cloud

So, what’s behind this new vision? Well, we recognise the huge benefits that the public cloud can bring to the Telco industry which has arguably been the slowest to adopt the public cloud, hiding behind a complex web of objections. While some of these objections were valid and required work to overcome, many simply promoted fear of a new approach. Now, the public cloud is here, and there is no more hiding from it. ZephyrTel is best placed to help the industry take full advantage of an ever-growing range of innovative, proven capabilities and solutions, to help you improve business agility, serve your customers better, and carve out a competitive advantage. Moving to the public cloud can create a reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a staggering 80% over a five-year period by moving away from expensive, highly customised on-premise solutions that your existing teams and providers have convinced you are necessary. ZephyrTel is moving towards industry-standard solutions delivered via the public cloud, eliminating costly overheads such as scaling and capacity planning, server utilisation, disaster recovery, hardware and reoccurring capital investments, data centre and hosting costs. All of these items are provided by the public cloud at a fraction of the cost.

Competitive advantage

Simply put, those who don’t make a move to the public cloud will be left behind, overpaying for ineffective, highly customised legacy platforms that are no longer fit for purpose, not only in terms of what the business requires but through failing to keep pace with the rate at which the industry is changing. Continuing to invest in such solutions will result in lost competitive advantage, a loss that’s simply not sustainable in an increasingly complex global marketplace. The public cloud allows greater flexibility, agility and scalability of systems, enabling your business to move more quickly, dynamically scaling in-line with the specific needs of your organisation, and responding rapidly to changing market circumstances. As the public cloud can scale infinitely, the opportunity for ongoing TCO reductions is huge. We’re all dealing with ever-increasing amounts of data on a daily basis, and by moving to the cloud, we can ensure customers have the ways and means to unlock the true value of this data. For those of you asking why not private instead of public cloud, well, the short answer is that it can never be as scalable or flexible as the public cloud. Your existing providers will try to convince you of this half-way approach, and you might as well be investing in another legacy on-premise solution. Those that do will be left behind and stuck in a decade-long depreciation cycle while they are outpaced by those that have made the move to the public cloud.

Rapid innovation

Our vision is underpinned by a real upswing in the pace of innovation, and our goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of cloud-based offerings for Telcos across their entire digital footprint. From 5G SMSF solutions to support new subscriber plans and the growth of IoT offerings, with seamless integration into existing premise-based 3G/4G solutions, to proven Wi-Fi offloading and authentication tools, we are investing organically to move our existing solutions to the cloud, as well as aggressively acquiring new capabilities. In doing this, we will create new services and propositions for our customers to enable them to achieve that all-important competitive advantage.Not only are we 100% committed to our public cloud vision, but we’re 100% committed to ensuring the long-term, sustainable success of our customers. We look forward to embarking on this new way forward with you as we harness the power of the public cloud to revolutionise the cost equation for the Telco industry.

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